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Best advice for someone getting bullied

im gonna be real right here im not gonna give you that crap "be you" "be yourself" and "just forget what everyone else thinks" because being bullied hurts and it sucks, feeling lower than other people does suck and as much as people tell you who cares what others think! I know that you do, I know you care what others think and that's okay because it's natural it's human instinct to care what other people think and it's gonna suck but I promise you a million times you will get through it you are strong, God would never put something in front of you that you couldn't handle and what ever it may be that's upsetting you online, social media or even at school (( even though these days bullies tend to do everything online )) you will get through it, I swear to you none of these people are going to matter to you after high school, you'll never see them again, so i suggest you stay close with your small group of friends to help and support you through what ever your going through, stay strong ?

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Jack is 18 and Madison is 16...

ok @ everyone commenting about her and his age, that's not gonna matter later .. honestly if they grow up and are still together you really think it's gonna matter if their two years apart lmfao that's nothing, most couples are years apart there are married couples 7 or 9 years apart and that's not even a big deal especially if they love the person

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What's your opinion on jadison

I completely support it
how could you "hate" someone for loving someone
the amount of hate that madison gets is unbelievable she is only a girl and a person can only take so much plus she's done nothing wrong all you ever see from her is kindness and he being supportive of the jacks. she doesn't deserve all the hate she gets and you can't call yourself a fan of gilinsky if you hate on madison she makes him happy and if your a fan you should want that for him
I mean it's cool if you don't ship it but there's a difference between giving your opinion and just being rude

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