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i noticed that in your newer books theres an element of grief, usually centered on a brother and i want to thank you bc im a 14 yr old girl who lost her brother 2 yrs ago and you perfectly describe what grief’s like and im grateful you put it into words for people like me know we arent alone

dianna tr
i'm sorry about your brother, but i'm glad you've connected with my writing. that's all i could hope for as an author. thank you for reading, and message me if you ever need to talk <3

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Why do some students do not continue studies after graduating school?

because university opportunities often rest on a combination of financial and academic privileges. some people can't afford school, some people don't learn well under school grading structures and thus can't perform well enough for scholarships. in america especially, financial aid can be a total joke. also, sometimes people have other life factors that determine whether they can or WANT to attend school.
also i saw this one post that said university is deemed a necessity but priced as a luxury and that's the truest thing i've ever seen.

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i just started half an orange, and you honestly captured the difficulties faced by immigrants so well. i couldn't help but tear up at some parts, and i love the fact that you're covering these topics in your book. i love it and i hope to see more! (:

that means a lot! i'm scared i won't capture some of the feelings well enough so i'm glad you are enjoying the story

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