🤣 Saving pictures of places you want to go? What's the most beautiful place in the world?

Again a part of misery, my life story getting crazy, avoid me in public, don't stress me, little what you know is ironically nothing, i might find different meanings to one shit, i might shit on you and say flush it, if you get on me, you dead to knees, you lucky I've no murder case this disk, as soon i flip it, no thing straight, all day late, having no mate, getting no date, hiding in shades, making no bread, living all dead, erase that I'm pulling guns and bullets on you, no doo doo daa daa, fuck your mates, i don't need hanging bands on my neck, only you fools got ha ha , high, may be straight heaven but hell calls may by your last life in old bonds, be alive, roll your dice in the games of mice 🐁

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