Ask @encsu23:

how did you and andy meet?

I saw his page and I thought he was really funny so I messaged him and we talked a bit, but it wasn't really interesting..after that I think a month later I found him on facebook, I knew Harley and Noah already from Kirk Wahmett, so we had mutual friends and I thought I might add him, he must be funny sooo I added him and he accepted the request in a few minutes..but I didn't want to message him because I didn't want to disturb him or something, but I was curious, idk, sometimes when I see someone who I likes the same stuff as me I become curious. So I said hi and we started talking about random stuff and after about talking for an hour I already liked him, he was funny and kind and he seemed quite smart. When we first talked we chatted for 4 or 5 hours and since then we talk every day :3 Actually I was the one who told him that I loved him because I really wanted to knowvif he feela the same and we he said that he does my heart just was amazing :3

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