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A relationship isn’t supposed to feel like a job that you hate going to 😫😠😔; more like a vacation 🤪☺️😍??

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Agreed. The relationship should be a safe place for both people

If your mate cheated would you stay and cheat back ...leave, or just stay and forget it ever happened??

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I forgive as long as they confess to it, and say it was a mistake and they regret cheating and won’t do it again.

I feel like I owe David’s wife an apology. She probably has no idea. I didn’t think about her at all. I was focused on me and what I wanted. I don’t have her number. So for that, I repent. I will never talk to another married man again. I just wish he would act like he’s married. He’s a misogynist.

I know how you feel on that. I wish my ex wife had acted married.

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