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Its super nice out you should spend more time outside



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Who's your best friend

i have a bestfriend that is the same age as me and we meet a long time ago .

Who would want to live in a van like those tiktok videos?

no not really but i would live in a "tiny " house thats on tik tok

I want to meet new friends that are boys honestly i feel like im surrounded by girls so if you want to be friends; hi :)

nnoyaa1’s Profile Photonoya
hi :) , im not a boy but can we still be friends

When is it appropriate to say I love you

when you say i love you , it should really be meaningful . It shouldn't be said if you don't really mean it . It is appropriate if it feels necessary and also to let someone know how you really feel about them .

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lizhang2’s Profile PhotoLi Zhang
The corona virus is not a Chinese virus it is a virus that might of spread from bats , don't let anyone blame it on the Chinese or Asian people

My heart is hurting so bad but there is no tears coming out anymore I'm alive but dead inside. It's been 6 months now without him..... 🖤💔

Death_Cursexxx’s Profile Photoᛚᚢᚴᛁ
It sounds like you have a bad case of depression which may need professional help, you should go see a therapist and maybe you should try talking to him


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