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They have no right to pass judgement on you when every teenager on this planet makes mistakes. Didn't your mommys tell you if you didn't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all? If you don't like what she did unfollow. Build a bridge and get the fuck over it✌️

Dam right!!!! People make mistakes everyday. If it bothers you then oh we'll no one is here to please haters. They all just gotta move on ✌️ thank you!

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well not to be against you or defend you but yea its not that they just care but they probably find it really stupid that you guys even dared to post something like that..

I understand honestly. But it's not like they haven't done something dumb? We all learn from mistakes, hope everybody out there knows that ✌️(:
But yeah can we all just move on from this topic honestly people are just making it a bigger deal then it is

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If your W child great if not even greater . But who cares . Besides you & servando . It's his and your relationship . That means two people not 200 million other people(exaggerating a little) . So , don't trip about what they're saying , and do your thing .

Exactly! People really don't need to be in are business not to sound rude to everyone out there. Idk why trip about us when they should be taking care of there business (: but thank you (:

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Honestly I don't know you that well but you have always been nice to me and as long as your a kind person why should what you and a guy do. Personality is what defines a person and you have a great one. Anons who hate are just little pussys. Keep doin your thang girl❤️

Your understanding, well thank you /.\ and you seem like a gr8 person (: keep doing you too! ❤️ and yeah anon can hate if they want ha

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do you realize that you posted a pic on the social media of servando kissing your belly say "our little blessing" giving the idea that your pregnant?your getting mad because your dumbass played with such a sensitive topic.If you play with fire you'll get burned.make sure you know what you're post in

Um I think me and servando did realize that ✋._. No need to be all up on are business. You have the freedom to unfollow (:

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