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(see newest comment on ) can u confirm/deny

I actually made a goof Ozzie twitter just for that joke so in case anyone could actually read it, they'd be able to go to her page and discover it's real. Unfortunately it became illegible when I sized the page down. Orz.
Here's the link though if you want to read the tweets, haha:

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whats the ending to Monster Country?

what's the fun in that?! fine I'll answer-- EVERYONE DIES.
(it will be a cute and happy ending I just wrote it this morning actually)

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shy guy or magikoopa?

Shy Guy! Magikoopa is such an annoying enemy in Mario Galaxy 1, 2 and 3D Land that I'm SOURED ON THEM FOREVER

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What are your views on Dragonball GT?

Not a fan. To be honest I'm not big on any of the anime adaptations of Dragon Ball (always been more of a manga fan) but GT comes across as being entirely unnecessary :O

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