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Yo I just binge read Station Square. Lovin' it! My questions are: How old is everyone? And why does Lupine Fist get such a big rep? Maybe I missed something, but ki punches seem pretty basic compared to everything else. Also Dahlia's my fav \o/

+Brin & Dahlia are 17, Sven is 16, Nem is 18, Arlen is 15. Looking back, it's kind of weird that they're all so young but that's because I was young when I first started drawing them haha.
+With the Lupine Fist, it's more about Brin's ability to compress large amounts of chi into a single point that's unique. Something I'll get into later on in the story.
Thanks for reading! I'm hoping to continue SS soon!

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So is Bloodborne harder than Dark Souls?

its just different I guess, most of the difficulty in these kind of games comes from the unknown, so most of my early deaths and stuff were just from getting used to how the new combat works and fighting without any sort of shield. but after a while you get used to it and start cruisin through the levels like the other games.
BUT I WILL SAY the bosses ive seen so far are all far more aggressive than in DS. basically everything in this game is faster + more aggressive, so you have to be fast and aggressive too!

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