Ask @ericosborne_11:

I just want to know things about you, like your favorite things

hockey, basketball, pizza, chocolate, music, guitar, drums, singing and writing songs, weird ass music calming for most part, (selena gomez, khloe kardashian and camila cabello are ideal as fuck) i wanna touch jlo's ass, i do not like twitter, i dont give out my personal info, i go through girls left and right, i like to be alone at times, i like when girls cook for me, cuddling, fanta , I am Pisces , I ship Trilles and Jonnor, Sara is my favorite, i llike brunettes, I have a sister name sarah will post a pic with her, i had to do six auditions for degrassi, Olivia says i am a good kisser, my eyes are green and I am 6'1 . i dated Olivia who plays Maya for over 2 years, date Sara who plays Frankie for over 6 months, had done stuff with Ana Golja and Alicia Josipovic. My best friend is Ehren and Connor, Ehren is also on degrassi. I can be a jerk sometimes, i have cheated once when i was dating one of the girls i have mentioned and that was a reason of the break up, she wants me back still for some reason, and we are friends. I have lots of girl friends, which usually bothers my girlfriend, and if you wanna know about me and liv we are most likely not be getting back together but i do not know what future holds because i am seeing a beautiful girl right now, can upload a pic if you wish

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I have quite a bit of questions. Haha. Have you ever been in love with someone? What qualities do you look for in a partner? What are your deepest fears and biggest dreams? If you weren't an actor or musician, what other career path would you have chosen?

yes i have. i dont care so much about the looks, but has to be sweet, positive, protective, talkative, and I dont mind when the girl gets a bit jealous. I dont know my fears really, become a better singer/musician. I would probably do something with computers.

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