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Do you like to hear from the ones that love ❤️ you, on a day like your birthday?

Yep especially last year to this year

What you didn’t know. Is I had people praying for God to remove you from my life. 😩🤷‍♀️

God doesn't remove anyone from there live's he says, "Wait while you're having lives, then your lives are done when your time comes

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Did you ever watch Nickelodeon when you were younger

Yes, all the god damn time catdog blues clues and ren and stimpy were my favorites. The rest were Jimmy Neutron spongebob squarepants Drake and josh butch Hartmans' fairly odd parents, danny phantom, and klasky csupos rugrats wild thornberrys as told by ginger and rocket power hey Arnold so yeeaah best that list

What would you do if your ex tried calling or texting you right now?

princessxbunnii_’s Profile PhotoBb Bunni
I would answer if she did. If she didn't, I wouldn't be able to answer

Have you been in love🎂🍷

Yep, especially recently with my girl who's suspended from her Facebook account

What it means when you call your boyfriend and he declines your call after the first ring

Not ready for proposal

Can you ever come back from betrayal in a relationship you believed was it

It wasn't betrayal it was being upset of our relationship

Please. Take me back, I’ve changed and I really want you back in my life. I miss you

Me too. I will take you back in my life, and I want you to

What attracted you about your ex?

Intelligence is atheletic fun, beautiful, and I'm so useful for reaching her for high things


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