Ask @erinnpostt:

i totally agree with your opinion on the plus sized riders bias. it should always be about a riders ability--not their size! you go for speaking your mind and coming right out and saying this. alot of people wont for fear of backlash.

Haha thanks! There's no shame or fear in speaking out for sake of the truth. Whether you're a size 2, 12 or 20 it REALLY doesn't and shouldn't matter. Riding isn't based on the size of your body. And your ability can't be determined based on your body size, either.

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I'm talking about how plus size riders are seen as less fit for certain disciplines like the hunters and how they're purposely given lower scores in hunter and equitation classes because they don't fit the "skinny rider" mold.

I think it's bullshit because riders' abilities aren't based on their size, it's based on their performance. There should be no difference between a size 2 rider and a size 14. Just because someone's not "skinny enough" doesn't mean they can't do what others are doing, or score higher than them.

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