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I like a guy and i think he likes me but he has a gf. What should i do

Stay away for now. My advice, never go after a person who is in a relationship. Let him deal with the relationship he has now on his own time. If he’s a good match for you, he’ll end up single again and then you can speak your mind.
Never go after a person in a relationship. Imo: It is destined for failure.

Ugh, tomorrow I'm 29. why am I not happy about that?

Maybe you feel like I did, rushed. Like oh shit it’s the last year of my 20s… that’s a lot of pressure. Did I do everything I should have in my 20s? Do I have enough time? Am I ready to be in my 30s?!
All I can say is just enjoy the present moment (: 29 is still young, and simply just a number.
Ps. We were born in the same summer of 1993!
Happy birthday!!!!

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Man, it's so hard to find a decent picture of you that isn't plastered over with filters and odd angles and terrible lighting. Methinks you must be more shy than you let on.

This is kind of a rude post, which I why I deleted my first answer.
But since you’re so focused on it, here, have an unedited, unfiltered video of my face, as I sat in front of a the perfect lighting of the setting sun.
erinsuunshine’s Video 169190290920

Wtf i'm so baked rn Erin I almost sent you an insult involving dimes. But I woulfnt do that bc you're the most intriguing, intelligent and genuine seeming woman I know here. Mighht even call you marry-me material. Your voice may be deep af, but it still carries a pleasant msternal scent to it. gn

I have no idea what to make of this lol
I don’t allllways sing in deep tones. I sing in a few different keys. I just don’t really share my voice or music online.
But thank you, I think haha

Eh, how tall are you, Erin? Like, my guy says 5'10 but realistically you're probably 5'3 or smth. lol

Your guy says I’m 5’10’’? What guy lol?
I’m 5’4” barefoot.
Approx. 5’8” with my shoes on.

If I were to go rummaging around in your room, would I find healing crystals and horoscopes?

See for yourself. Here is glimpse of my favorite bookcase in my bedroom:
If I were to go rummaging around in your room would I find healing crystals and

Does a lass like you believe in Law of Attraction?

I believe in the mathematics of vibrational alignment.
So yes I believe in the law of attraction in some ways. Although I don’t always agree + = + and - = -
The quantum mechanics at work are much more complex than that and include subtle energy frequencies.
But ultimately I do believe what you put out into the world, who you are, what you think; does energetically determine what you will experience, attract etc. in this life

Oi, Erin Mary, I just realized we're both going on bloody 29 years old -- you, quite soon actually; about 10-ish more days (just in case you didn't know). So are you ever getting hitched and knocked up?

I don’t subscribe to societal social structures that put pressure on you to be in a certain place by a certain age.
It’s taken me a long time to let go of those limitations.
I will absolutely love to meet the love of my life someday and build a family together!
But I’m not in any rush
I’m really enjoying my current age, living in my own apartment by the water. I’m only responsible for myself. I’m free to explore life
It’s a nice place to be (:

Do you believe zodiac signs/crystals/tarot cards are devil stuff?

No. I think the intention behind what you’re doing determines the energy. So you can use anything for good or bad.

Korn eh? Thought they closed shop by now. lol

I don’t even like Korn.. I was there to see Chevelle.

If someone is an empath do they need to tell people they are?

Need to? No. Want to? Probably.
Empaths tend to carry the weight of everyone else’s emotions and it can very much overburden them.
It is very important to create healthy boundaries with others. Maybe that does include telling them you’re an empath. So they understand not to dump their problems on you.

You would be a "guardian angel" of mine. Stressed out, working a retail job, loading up on vapes, and generally probably disappointed in me, wondering if this was some punishment from the Man.

Guardian Angel is a resonance energy signature. It encompasses all of humanity, including you. (It actually encompasses all living things and Earth itself, but with a special focus on humanities current stages of consciousness evolution)
Due to free will it is up to you whether or not you wish to allow this resonance (or any resonance for that matter) into your etheric field of existence (your personal matrix)
It is very complex to explain, and would make many normies think I’m insane. But that’s okay by me.
It’s theory of frequency based off the mathematical matrix of quantum physics; mixed with the theory of reincarnation of particular soul consciousness. Practiced in the duality of physical life through active light work. Both 5D and 3D
If you’d like further explanation, please ask a detailed question. I’d love to share. (:0

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What do you do on those days where you don't feel as confident or fearless or powerful like you do out here?

Sleep, lay on my couch and watch a movie. Clean my apartment. I try to do one small thing to make myself feel more comfortable.
And if it’s a really really bad day, I just lay in bed and let myself be sad. Eventually I cry myself out and find a way to get my mind off of things.
I’ve made it thru a lifetime of on and off depression and anxiety. Ik it doesn’t last forever. I just treat myself with the same kind of love I would give to my child if they felt icky.
But this took me 25 years to learn lol. I first went through years of self judgement and self abuse when I would feel badly. I would actually treat myself like garbage and purposefully make myself feel worse like punishment. That was a VERY hard thing to unlearn.

What would you do first if you were given $1,000,000 ?

1: Make an appointment with an accountant to discuss how I could make the money work for me for an entire lifetime; so I’d never have to work a mundane job again. (I would still work, I have other dreams I’d like accomplish)
2: Buy my dream house (not a crazy mansion, I want something homey and beautiful with character. And a lush garden. Maybe by some water, or up against the forest)

Is it true that you can't be friends with the opposite sex because then you will start liking eachother?

FreshICYGirl’s Profile PhotoUnikorn
No, this is not inherently true

If by digital art, you mean sketches or original abstract patterns, that might be interesting, especially, if they're in the same blue/gray depressing style of a lot of the rest -- something we have in common. Clouds... yeah. :)

By digital art I mean pieces of art I created out of photos I took. If you go to my page you can find them in a hidden subpage by clicking the tag [ #DigitaI_Paintings ]
Although all of my most interesting ones are sitting in folders on my iPhone.
I’m glad you like blue + grey too.
My whole life is in shades of blue. I just aim to share how I see the world.

what other language can you speak?

Yo hablar muy pequeno espanol. Hola, me llamo Erin Mary. Yo vivre en la ciudad de Providence, Rhode Island. Me gusta cantar y pintar.. y leer los libros de ficcion. Y tú?
La lumiere de la lune touche mon visage, et je suri.
Motus solies etiem in aeri
partum obumbratio in motu ut chorus in terram
Don’t judge my spelling and grammar. I typed these from memory lol and I can’t remember Spanish grammar. And I know almost nothing about French and Latin.

She never posts anything new tho. lol

I’ve had the same IG account for 10 years. So I always come and go from posting a lot or not at all.
But I’ll eventually get back to posting. I have 35,000 photos on my phone.
No one cares about my cloud pictures, digital art and textures from around the city. My IG is just for my own entertainment anyway.


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