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Halo! Aku boleh minta rekomendasi komik US yg buat cewek yg baru2 ini, selain Wonder Woman, Squirrel Girl boleh ga? Thanks :D

Citra Darmansyah
Hai Citra! To be honest, gue juga baru mulai baca komik sih, jadi mungkin repertoire gue kurang banyak. Tapi komik US dengan tokoh utama cewek (because I'm assuming this is what you're referring to? Do correct me if I'm wrong!) yang gue rekomendasikan itu:
- The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys
- Patsy Walker a.k.a Hellcat!
- A-Force, both Secret Wars and ANAD
- All Angela series, mulai dari yang di Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm, Angela: Asgard's Assassin, 1602: Witch Hunter Angela, dan Angela: Queen of Hell
- I Hate Fairyland
- Abigail and the Snowman
- Black Widow ANAD

From the top of my head, itu aja sih yang bisa gue rekomendasiin. Nggak semua komik baru juga, but for me it's all worth reading. Have fun! 💙

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What do you love most about SGRC UI?

This is going to be a typical answer, but I love the fact that everyone in the group is so open minded and they welcome any kind of question. It truly is a comfort to know that you can say anything - especially in regards to sexuality - and they will be alright with it. They might even start a discussion out of it. There's a serious lack of judgement in the group and that is something that I love the most because judgmental people irk me to no end.
Also, the group could barely stay silent and I love the way they light up my day by keeping me company.

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If you could control nature, which element would you choose? Why?

At first I'd say water but after a bit of deliberation, I'll go with air. Because convenience.
Life would've been so much easier when I can suffocate those who irk me by simply lifting my finger. I'll gain lots of enemies, considering my temper, but people will fear me and that is good enough, really.

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what's your plan this weekend? have a nice day!

Hey, you! My weekend plan is nothing much, you see. As per usual, I spent today working on copywriting exercises for my internship. So for compensation, I'm planning to marathon Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy tonight.
Tomorrow, though, I'll be watching JKT48 (and I'm seriously blaming Maharani Karlina CH for this) with some friends I haven't seen in a long time. Should really be a nice day💕
Then, of course, more exercise and final paper. But overall, it will be a good weekend.
Hope you've had a good day and will have a good weekend to, dear anon! 😘

View more warning: menyebabkan vertigo bila diputar looping selama 2 jam.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHSHSHSJA tbh anon, it sounds a lot like me singing when I'm drunk and/or high. And while it's cute at first 30ish seconds, it quickly became grating.

The music video would be better if it was set to this song, though. Like, it's going to be traumatising, but at least the combination of this vertigo inducing song with Leto's Joker's aroused face would be so damn laughable.

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suka Sandman ya sis?

Suka banget! Cinta, malah. Sebenarnya, Sandman adalah comic books non-Marvel pertama yang gue baca. Tapi justru karena Sandman, gue jadi bener-bener jatuh cinta sama Comic Books (dan by extension, Neil Gaiman). I mean, I have always been a sucker for mythologies-related stories and Sandman doesn't only touch all sorts of myths, it even created its own in the form of Endless. Who may or may not be my new gods. Anywaaaay.

Suffice to say, Sandman is my favorite comic books of all time. Saking cintanya, Sandman: Overture juga adalah TPB pertama yang gue beli. Karena Lord Morpheus dewa baper kita punya tempat spesial di hatiku ❤

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ROADTRIP! Where are you going and who are you taking with you?

Bali and Lombok. With Kenteters. I guarantee you we'd spend AT LEAST three days on the road TO OUR DESTINATION. Because we'll be laughing too much and always stopping in every tourist attractions we pass by and any gas station-slash-minimarket just to piss or buy snacks.
Or, for a more romanticised answer: anywhere would be fine as long as I'm with you, so we can run away from this shitty town and our shackling responsibilities. Let's fabricate a new life under the paper moon, darling.

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Everyone has one particular hobby they tend to splurge money on. Any particular tips on how to supplant your hobby when it's not raining cash?

luna siagian
I'm pretty sure I'm the worst person to give advice on this subject considering how little self control I have when it comes to money. So my coping mechanism most of the time is splurging money on my hobby and then cutting off every other budget to make up for it.
But other time, I supplant my hobby by going to free movie screening and free movie festival, getting cozy to people who could give me access to free movie screening, wait until parents come around so they can buy my books for me....
or go to

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Imma interested in your response for (do you agree that nothing called such 'lucky'). Bcs I think it doesnt work like that. You dunno what kind of suffering a person been thorough right? >< And personally Id like to give answer "luck" rather than anything just for sth good. And bcs it sounds cool

While it is true that we don't know what a person is suffering or going through, that doesn't necessarily negate the fact that some people are just destined to be a lucky bastard simply because they were born in the right family with the right influence at the right time. Privilege partly depends on luck, you know.
And yes, I do agree that being able to say that you got something simply out of luck and not because you actually try sounds cool and smug as fuck.

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I woke up this morning and immediately thought "man, I'd kill for burger and chips right now". So I guess my question is: what was the first thing that popped in your mind this morning?

luna siagian
Oh you know, just the usual "God, I really need more sleep" and "I'd kill for (free) decent coffee" with a tad of incoherent recollection about last night's Stucky fic on the side.....
Nothing special, really.

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Are you romantic? Why or why not?

I would like to think that I am a sceptical realist.
My personal blog and social media accounts, however, would argue otherwise. I do have a tendency to wax pretty words and waste my imagination on those that I am romantically attracted to.
Maybe I am a hopeless romantic at heart.

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what your consideration when choosing a movie to watch ? and which one is more important for u the casting or the story first?

I actually put a lot of things - story, casts, director, writer, studio, genre, recommendations, reviews, etc - into consideration. But ultimately, it is my mood at the time that decide what movie I will watch. Couldn't possibly watch Human Centipede when I need rainbows and sunshine, right?
And my financial standing too, if we're talking about watching a move in the cinema. I don't get paid to watch movies, no matter how much I wish for it to change, so I have to be careful about my spending. I need to provide myself with other popular culture's facet anyway. Like books. And CDs. And concerts.
As for the casting and the story, both are equally important to me. I'd watch a movie with unknown casts if the story is intriguing, and I've watched (and will most probably do so again) questionable movies with facepalm-inducing storyline just for the casts.
I will admit, however, that more than often it's the name that piqued my curiousity. Be it the casts, the director, or even the studio, if a movie had a known name attached to it, I'd be drawn. More so if those names are the ones I'm particularly attracted to, like Tom Hiddleston or Christopher Nolan or Marvel.
Speaking of the devil, Tom Hiddleston is starring on Guillermo del Toro's newest project, Crimson Peak. It looks promising and I fervently hope it will have those beautiful eerie feelings like Pan's Labyrinth. Go check out the trailer if you haven't:

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tell us some funny story! (if you got some)

I had half a mind to be a sap and say "Isn't it funny that someone who you know for less than a year now could make your day with a simple smile?" Because honestly, I'm not good at telling funny story, especially through writing.
Anyway, salah satu cerita lucu yang baru baru ini gue alami adalah waktu gue liburan ke Lombok-Bali sama temen-temen exchange dua minggu yang lalu. Kebetulan di Bali kita nginep di sebuah hotel murah yang lumayan oke, dan dapet kamar di lantai 3 lengkap dengan balkon. Nah balkonnya ini biarpun sempit, tapi lumayan pewe. Dan begitu ngelongok ke bawah, kita bisa langsung liat kolam renang. Cocok lah buat merenungi nasib, karena kalau ga tahan tinggal loncat ke kolam. Bercandaan aja sih, karena toh dari 4 orang yang ada di Bali waktu itu cuma satu yang bisa berenang. Dan kita gak segila itu untuk beneran loncat dari lantai 3.
Or so I thought.
Karena pagi berikutnya, salah satu temen gue yang berinisial R, tiba-tiba bilang kalau dia pengen nyoba loncat dari lantai 3.
"Paling cuma bercanda," pikir gue. Jadi gue persilahkan aja dan gue bilang kalau gue bakal ngerekam buat dikirim ke 20 Funniest Video. I mean, temen gue ini anaknya super lurus dan gak neko-neko, bukan tipe YOLO yang emang suka ngelakuin hal-hal gila gitu.
Bahkan waktu dia udah di balkon dan ngerayap ke balkon kamar tetangga yang letaknya tepat di atas kolam renang, gue masih mikir dia bercanda. Karena dia keliatan ragu-ragu dan ekspresinya seolah berkata, "What am I doing here."
Baru aja gue mau bilang, "Paling batal," ke temen gue yang juga nontonin bareng gue, si R loncat.
Gak pake aba-aba, gak pake peringatan, dia loncat aja dari balkon lantai 3.
Gue dan anak-anak yang nonton njerit kaget campur kagum. Dan khawatir juga, karena itu kolam renang dalemnya cuma 1,5 meter. Tapi ya kita terutama seneng dan kagum karena dia beneran loncat.
Jadi ketika temen gue muncul lagi dari air, kita semua heboh nyelametin dia. Eh anaknya cuma meringis aja sambil jalan ala kepiting ke pinggir kolam.
"Sakit coy," kata dia sambil megang paha sama pantat.
That's when I realized that he apparently landed on his butt and most likely harm not only his arse but also his...well, you know where.
And me, being me, burst out laughing tanpa rasa belas kasihan sedikit pun. Siapa suruh yolo?
So yeah, that;s a funny story from the top of my head. Banyak sih cerita-cerita absurd dari masa exchange dan liburan gue, but I'll keep them for another day. Semoga menghibur dan lucu, Tisu ;)

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