Ask @esamkhalifa:

If someone needs your academic help? Why you don't answer the questions? Please

التمس الأعذار للناس
Maybe I am really busy in ICU for barely having enough time to sleep and still trying to respond to messages as much as I can whenever possible
Maybe I am moving from a place to another place maybe I am busy with alot of paperwork and tasks with deadlines
Try to fetch for information from many people if possible at least to widen your point of view and don't depend on one person only

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thoughts on people of double face?

No grudges
When people talk badly about others in my presence, I usually keep my mouth shut and avoid giving my own opinion. I usually try to understand where they are coming from. I don't want to disagree with them and hurt my friendship with them. I also don't want to give them ammunition because as soon as they have an issue with me, they will run to that person and say, "Well he thinks blah blah blah."
I'm a keep the peace kind of guy too. I find parties outside of that circle to vent to if I have to. It's okay to be annoyed with people. If I truly have a problem with someone, I will discuss it or I will try to limit my association with them.

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