Ask @eshanithakur19:

Lg//why should someone date you// Noone should date you lol xD you're not *dateable* xD Jk. Tbh you're so innocent and obviously ugly but you're so you're so good and such a pure soul you are OMG! Aren't those qualities enough to date you? *Tbh- No*👅😂😂😂. Ily❤️

Sai Sowrabh
Sowrabh, bacchaaaaa,ik that you're jealous coz I'll get committed and you won't and eventually you'll die single and virgin. It's okay kid, accept it and move on.😂 Annddd,I'm really pretty,stop being jealous 😂🖕
Okay sorry. Omg,them compliments made my fucking week. I love you more hoe❤🐣😘

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hey askers how you all 😎 have you ever observed girls who show more attitude and thinks they are the popular,are the ones with less likes😄 i have seen many girls who show fucking attitude and when i see their likes it is just 2 or 1 😁😁 so girls stop posing and dont act like you are popular 😂😂

I'm sorry,but,am I supposed to laugh now?🙄🖕

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