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Syeda Sidra Naqvi
" Welcome to the 21st Century "
Where romance is free but love is expensive. Where losing a phone is more painful than losing your virginity. Where modernisation means nudity. Where if you don't show your body, you're out of fashion. Where boys pass negative comments to other girls. Where to worship God is difficult. Where ladies fear pregnancy more than H.I.V. Where pizza delivery is faster than emergency response. Where perspectives and clothes decide the value of a person. Where money is more important than family and friends. Where kids are ready to leave their families for their love of the moment. Where dogs are treated as people and people like dogs. Whoever plays with mind gets happiness and who plays with heart gets hurt.
Salute to our Modernisation, Love and Education.

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If romance could remove all frustration, no man would ever be frustrated. If money was the solution to all problems, no billionaire would ever be miserable. If beauty was the ultimate solution to problems, no flawless girls would be distressed. If praying was the only solution, no religious person would ever be depressed.
Living is directly proportional to suffering it's just that sometimes you accidentally feel happy.

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