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My girlfriend slept with my cousin while I was at work. What should I do?

I hope you ain’t with them anymore that’s sure. The gif is a joke 🤣 but honestly they ain’t worth the time to even talk to, that’s just so messed up!
My girlfriend slept with my cousin while I was at work What should I do

So there this girl that I know. I absolutely hate the fact that she wants my love for what? What has she giving me? Sleeping around with other guys while I never done shit to her! Yet still wants love. It’s fucking obvious she doesn’t know what love is… lust yeah but it ain’t love.

Were you with this person?

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You have no idea what being alone is or does I mean completely and utterly alone because you’re a social butterfly .

Not even close to being a social butterfly but ok.

whatever I figured you have more important people to take care . Your such a great caring person so helpful to everyone except me until you feel I deserve your time and attention . I’ll have them come back so just keep rolling don’t even bother stopping.

whatever  I figured you have more important people to take care   Your such a

What are your thoughts on men?

My short response 😏 not all of them are bad just cause they make choices that aren’t so great. Just stay clear of those ones such as the guys who have sex with women on casual/first dates, shows the lack of respect for themselves and this generation holds among themselves. It’s gross honestly, just hope those people get out of that hookup culture and have self awareness for the future. Just cause it’s so normalized doesn’t mean it should be done. All I can say about that.
BUT that doesn’t mean the “good” guys are always saints like they say they are. Very rare to find a man who is trustworthy and has values, dignity, self-respect, heals properly and treats others as humans with feelings lol, above all else loves the Lord. But they do exist, I have met a few.
Honestly this can go for either men or women but since you’re asking about men those are my thoughts.

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Feeling lonely now

Better to be lonely than to be with someone who is gunna skrew you over or talk to someone that reaches out to multiple girls/guys whatever applies to your situation. You want someone that has some self respect and will respect you in all aspects. Don’t settle for bad company.
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You're childish if you get somebody attached, treat them like your S/O, then tell them you aren't ready for a relationship... 💯

People who can say things upfront, definitely have respect for those people.


Yes I am, unfortunately for many they aren’t. Not gunna call anyone out but low-key I am cause I know they read my responses here lol.. those who find joy in hurting others to boost their own ego just because they are completely broken themselves and don’t seek proper help.. hope YOU get the help that you truly need. instead of sending me anonymous messages, think about how YOU can better yourself. & if you find this offensive, that’s your issue.

How long do you expect me to wait cause I’m just about out of patience

Good, it builds your character in the meantime ✌️

Is it OK for your boyfriend or girlfriend to have a double life online

I don’t see how that is ok. My question is what kind of double life are we talking about in terms of cheating or what exactly??

Are there any decent people left on this earth that look out for each other and help each other without thinking twice about it what happened to the good old days when friends helped each other and neighbors helped each other and you could barter and not have to worry about things

Are there any decent people left on this earth that look out for each other and

My boyfriend cheated on me so many times and confessed it after gaslighting me and making me go crazy. I shouldn’t feel bad if I cheat back?

Waste of time and energy. & not only that you are going to get unwanted soul ties by just sleeping with a random person/people. If you disagree that’s fine, just saying my thoughts.


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