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Tbh; Essa you're the best 😌❤️ you're so short tho😂 midget. But fr tho you were like the first person to talk to me (:

MakeupbyMalibu’s Profile PhotoMaluka
Thanks Maluka 💜

Based on Looks Hot or Not: decent hah Date or Pass: pass Age: 13 Rude or Nice: nice Single or Taken: single Best Feature: hair Rate out of 10: 7.9

AbbyChristy’s Profile Photoabby
I liked it by accident but thanks I guess
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tbh youre one of my closer guy friends and youre so funny I love everything about you especially your screams and your ears😂😂 text me soon miss you bitch

emaptv402’s Profile PhotoEma Doerksen
Thanks hoe lol "my screams" 😂😂😂😂
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(T) TBH: tbh big ears, u got hella big ears, ur cool and funny. hope for some classes together next year (W) Would I ever date you: Where r my white roses (E) Ever liked you?: ♡ (R) Rate: 👳/10 (K) Kiss or Diss: bye 🙅✋

AbbyChristy’s Profile Photoabby
I told you, They Only Come In Red
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How do u feel about Rick Ross being put in prison for the second time in the same month for kidnapping?

Lol Rozay needs to calm down
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S- Compliment: U r funny, sweet and nice. u got monkey big ears which is good. I like ur hair too. Stay awesome 👳

AbbyChristy’s Profile Photoabby
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