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will u guys do a guide for broken prison?

We have a draft ready to publish, should be available by this weekend.

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So if imperator set is only obtainable by crafting, then how do you get a full set? You only get to choose 1 profession so if you chose etching as your crafting profession then you can't even craft a single imperator weapon.

Imperator and Ambush do not require any crafting skill to craft. They're also bankable.

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Are the guides being made for the Spellbound Patch / Fangs and Feather Patch?

We have a sorc guide in the works for the new revamped sorc but there are some extensive testing that is being finished before that can be released.

Guides for Lilith's Keep and Ruinous Manor exist outside the site but if there is interest, we can make Essential Mana versions.

The 30-man raid guide is in process of being edited and released. We should expect it to be out before the month is up.

If there are specific guides you are interested in seeing, let us know!

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Which guild can receive this item? Whats conditions?

First come, first serve. Whoever accepts the quest first will get the item.

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What do u mean about "When the BAM spawns" и "guild will get an item that allows them to spawn the BAM"

They'll get an item which lets you spawn the BAM. They get a time limit of 2 hours from when they accept the quest to spawn and kill it.

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PLZ give me info about Guild Quest BAM. How can I get it?

When the BAM spawns, a Rally quest will appear in Guild Quests. The first person to accept it will claim that Quest for their guild. That guild will get an item that allows them to spawn the BAM in a specific area within 2 hours. Anyone can attack the BAM. The raids with the top 3 highest DPS on the BAM get rewards. After the BAM dies, the guild who claimed the quest can claim the rewards for that Rally quest.

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Do you guys know, when the System/UI Revamp will take place on the NA Servers?

It's currently unknown whether the Revamp will be coming to NA on the Guilded Age update or the Lilith's Castle/Rakelith Ruins patch.

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Where's the warrior guide?

In the works. All the class guides are created by volunteers of the community and many take a long time to create.

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Hello, I would like to ask some crystal terms such as 'warding', 'forcefull', etc. What are the effects of these?

Warding provides a chance to get a shield when you get knocked down. Forceful gives you power when you crit something from behind.

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Hi, I'd like to ask if the Shadowgate/ Bloodgate/ and Mazegate are all like the Dreadnaught Ship Accessory set. Where you can equip one tier 2 and tier 1, two tier 1s, but not two tier 2s of the same set? It may be self explanatory but I just need confirmation. Returning player. :) Thank you

The Still Accessories (Shadow and Blood) are like you said: the T2 is Unique. The Maze Accessories (PvP Maze) don't have T1 or T2 (they have the stats of T2 Stills) and they're not Unique; you can equip a full set of 5 Maze Accessories if you wish. Still and Maze Accessories have their own set bonuses as well.

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Jewelry for ninjas/zerks/+++. Better use "full" Vain crit or 3 pieces crit and 2 power? Captain jewelry seems to be more weak than no-unique Vain, btw. Thanks.

Best is using Shadowgate necklace, Shadowvain Earring, Shadowvain Ring (3 piece Vain jewelry) and Shademaze Earring and Shademaze Ring (2 piece PVP Maze jewelry).

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will ninjas be able to use the stellar ancient blueprint to get SF?


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Are Contargentine and Flataurum Node bankable?


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Can ninjas use vm6?


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Will Vanguard Shop be updated with new stuff or not?

Vanguard Shop is something that is more region-based and unique to NA, i.e. MWA Boxes. There is no way to know if it will be changed with the new patch unless Enmasse makes an announcement.

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I have 2 questions: due to the massive amount of ks credits needed, will they change the amount of credits that u recive? And what about the Shining set? I heard its the middle set that will be released and will be the best for PvP

Increasing amount of credits as reward is up to EME. However, KTERA did triple the BC from BGs at one point.

I can't say for sure as there are alck of information on shining set. I wouldn't say it is the best because it was only designed so that it can compete against VM6/VM7. There have been some changes recently so I need more information to be sure.

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i dont know if u guys has a right answer for it but what do u think will be better for pvp? a Shining +12 or vm7+15?

Sorry for late reply. I tried to dig up info on this but there was no luck.

By design, +12 Shining should be powerful enough to compete +15 VM6 and VM7. There havent been much in-depth testing on this but it seems that many have said +15 VM7 is still better... but this was before gear changes recently so it might be outdated.

I would like to test this but it is quite impossible for me to farm for it (nor have funds) and I can't exactly attempt to calculate it to get theoretical efficiency as I'm uncertain about their master work values for pvp dmg/power/defense stats.

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Can we purchase Ninja glyph box with Island of Dawn rewards?

I'm not completely sure but I think I saw glyph box/individual glyphs for Ninja was in the old IoD (underdawn/dawnfall/dawnstorm) tokens.

Unfortunately I cannot confirm this as these old tokens are no longer available.

It wont hurt to farm these tokens though. (Wink wink)

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Hi, I would like to know if we would be able to dismantle our enchanted equipment after ninja patch. As I have over 2k feed on my dread chest piece. I heard that you can no longer dismantle drops for feedstock so I want to prepare for that

You are still able to dismantle enchanted equipment. You can't dismantle unenchanted BoP pieces; rather, you'll be able to use these to enchant another piece of the same name without alkahest cost.

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How many T9 feestock you need to combine for T10?

It's still 2 Tier 9 Feedstock for 1 Tier 10!

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Hi! I would like to know i in the ninja patch we will be able to exchange Dreadnaught Token for the new Tyrant’s Bloodstone token for any ratio.thx

Desolarus Tokens are not able to be exchanged to the new token. Desolarus Tokens also have Glyph Boxes removed from the table.

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Does shadow sanguinary hard mode will comes up straight away with ninja patch ? Or the idea will be the same as with vm6 1st 2 months Archdevan Mark will be available only from chests ?! Thx

We are not Enmasse so we cannot know the answer to that question. We can only guess if they will release hard mode as well.

However Archdevan Mark will be available from the Killing Spree store as well if it stays true to the KTERA patch.

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Good evening , would like to ask about wm6 and wm7 weapon , if i do understand prop. wm7 will no have (6.9% back dmg) would it be more useless then wm6 ? (for PVE?) or at NA it will comes up straight aways with all stats.. ?

Dmitry Belkovics

VM7 does not have the back damage roll but it has a higher base damage. This basically means VM7 will be about 3-4% upgrade for DPS and about 10% upgrade for tanks over VM6 (post-buff).

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Is the bellicarium and killing spree rewards for battlegrounds in ktera the same as NA tera? (for example 6k bellicarium for winning CS), it seems crazy that the amount of BC and KS required for vm7 is so high. Perhaps EME will adjust prices to make VM7 less a grindfest?

It seems that KTERA had no problem with it since they are quite active with BattleGround.

I think Bellicarium is the same but Killing Spree have been buffed by triple the amount.

There is also upcoming Kumas Battleground which i belive rewards a bit more than CS.

But just as you've said, we might have to see if EME will make any other adjustments.

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To my understanding, dismantling T8 or above gear no longer give feedstock in ninja patch. Are there other sources of feedstock other from dungeon drops for awakening enchanting? Since I do not think feedstock from dungeon drops will be enough.


I believe the sources will be from dungeons and vanguard rewards, but yes, it worries me as well that dismantling will no longer be a source for feedstock. I too do not think feedstock from dungeon drops and vanguard rewards will not be enough.

I believe a lot of KTERA players were unhappy with the patch because of this new feedstock/enchanting system.

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