Ask @ethanZscott:

Your video has truly brought me to tears, I am so happy for you that you get to see color in a new way. You are the most adorable person I have ever seen. You are wonderful, God & your fiance have blessed you with such an amazing gift. Love you, you're an inspiration ♡

THIS made me cry a little. Thank you. I am truly blessed in so many ways, and I wont forget that. ANSWERED ON EZWITHETHAN:

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I just saw yur cute YouTube video on your awesome colorblind glasses! So how is it now watching your favorite films and movies?

SO MUCH FUN!!!! I'm going through all my favorites. OMG that reminds me, i NEED to watch Wall-E. ANSWERED ON EZWITHETHAN:

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Hey Ethan! I saw your colorblind movie, it was very touching! Here my question: How was it to watch your first GHIBLI movie with glasses on? And which one was it?

My neighbor Totoro!!!!!!!!! i wanna rewatch Ponyo and Spirited Away next. ANSWERED ON EZWITHETHAN:

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If there is water on mars, should you defuse the bomb by ticketing the whore on the corner or go to Petco and put a chinchilla into the beta fish tank in order to smuggle Columbian drugs into Disney Channel?

Just pay the whore up front! Gosh...rookie.

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Slow and gentle or quick and rough?

Beat slowly for 2 minutes on low-speed. Then for the last thirty seconds, increase speed to QUICK AND ROUGH!

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