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Are you at AX? If I see you at there, can I have an autograph?

No but can you get me Xythar's autograph

What do you think will be the cause of humanity's extinction?

Humanity won't ever extinct because I will never die?

Have you ever fansubbed for competition? What do you think about such a reason?

Competition existing is pretty much the main reason I like fansubs. The concept of multiple competing translations existing for a thing is just really cool, and I love arguments about which releases are better.
Though I don't think I ever subbed something to be competitive about it.

Yeah but that's what makes anime so fucking intense. What about shows to chill?

Show to chill are even worse because I have to be all intensed up to watch them just so I can chill!
Long ago were the days when I used Minami-ke as a sleep aid...

Why is watching anime hard?

You have to pay attention to what's happening or you risk not knowing what happened, and you need to be in arts-appreciation mode in order to optimally extract enjoyment. Being in arts-appreciation mode takes energy and I don't like playing suboptimally, so it's hard.

What's post-anime life like? Are you happier?

It sucks because I can't talk about anime with people and I don't know any of the characters that figures/doujins/other otaku merchandise feature nowadays.
I want to watch anime again but it's so hard to.

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