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how many doe like for eg im pretty gd at badminton and have represented clubs before but im not in badminton im in a ug am sec 4 now so how many vacancies are given out

Thanks for the question! It depends on the interest so we really can’t predict next year’s intake. 😅

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+1 answer in: “What about the JAE students? Won't they be at a disadvantage when it comes to cca selection, since the JIP students have been admitted to ccas and if certain ccas' vacancies are filled up the JAE students won't get a chance at those ccas?”

Hi senpai! Just wanted to know how many students does EJC allow to take FMath/year? Also since it said A1 for AMath at O levels, does it mean we need 75% (A1) or 80% (A*/+) for JIP exams? Thanks!

Thanks for the question! There’s no strict quota of the sort you’re thinking about. It’s more an absolute case about passing the selection test so don’t worry too much about that. As long as you get a distinction at your JIP exams 😉

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hi senpai, would just like to give some feedback regarding performances in school: some of us feel like they aren't always the most appropriate if you know what I mean (especially the dance during investiture, with parents and all). perhaps we could consider placing standards on what is allowed?

Thanks for the feedback! You have a point there 🙏🏻 It’s something that teachers and Eunoians alike should consider

does ejc consider the results of dsa applicants before allowing them to audition and eventually enroll into the school? also, is there a sports class in ejc for dsa students? or are the dsa students integrated into regular classes with JAE/IP students? thank you :)

Hello, thanks for the question! Yes, results do matter to us because we want to do well in your studies too. DSA students are placed in classes according to their chosen subject combi 😇

hi senpai, can I offer csc, mep, chem and math in ej? I have already checked the ej website and I couldn't find this combi

Hello! That combi is not likely to be on the list, but you can propose it as your preferred subject combi. MEP and CSC can be a rather heavy workload, so give that some consideration too 😇🙏🏻

Senpai! Can I take more than 6 subjects in J1? Or is it strictly limited to 6 subjects? How do I apply for a subject combi that is not yet offered?

Hiya, thanks for asking! The typical academic load is GP/KI, PW, MTL (if you’re not exempted) and four content-based subjects. It would be quite impossible to fit more than 6 subjects into an already heavy timetable and permission from MOE must be sought if you wish to take more than 12 academic units. Hope that helps!! 🙏🏻

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hi senpai, i heard that the shuttle bus service will be cancelled from next year onwards. but there’re j1s who live far from the bishan campus (far west/south) and have difficulty travelling to school next year. can i propose to not cancel & maybe do a survey if students want the shuttle bus service

Hello, thanks for the initiative! You can do a student-initiated survey to gauge interest and formulate a proposal - student voice is important to us. We suggest contacting Mrs Kellie Woo and she'll advise you on this. 💁🏻‍♀️🙏🏻

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Hello senpai, do students in the O level track of JIP schools get special consideration for admission?

Hello, thanks for your interest!! 💙💛 If you're an O-Level Programme student in our JIP partner schools, you'll be applying via JAE like students from all secondary schools, and the central system will decide. There are no bonus points for affiliation. We hope to see you!

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hello! may i know how do students get chosen for the uk trip where the seniors went to different universities? thanks!

Hello! Thanks for your question! This June, we will have a Eunoia GO trip to the US to explore higher ed institutions — you’ll find out more soon whether as a JC1 or JC2 Eunoian. The UK trip might be back on next year if you’re in J1 now! 💂‍♀️💂‍♂️

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Hi Senpaiiiii I heard that the bishan campus won’t be ready in early 2020 because there is still a delay in the construction works? Is that true?

Hello! Our campus is on track for completion by the end of the year. Our staff will be overseeing the move in December. Pass by Marymount Road and you’ll see that the teaching and learning block is complete (and the interior is being outfitted) and the structure of the stadium / auditorium block is shaping up. Hope that puts your fears aside! 😎

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Hii I’m taking O levels this year (2019) but I’m just wondering, is it possible for me to join a sports CCA in JC even though I don’t know how to play that sport well?

Hello, thanks for your question and for your interest in us! We believe in passion and purpose, so you pursuing your interest is our interest! Certain sports CCAs may be slightly more competitive and have trials... but our general answer is YES!

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hi senpai j1 here! do u know if sch starts at 8am next year after we move or does it start earlier at 7.30am? because there are people who stay at the west/ghim moh and also take some time to go sch and hope that school won’t be starting earlier after the shift :(

Hello, thanks for the feedback! We see your point -- we'll forward it to the Deans to let them know for their consideration and they'll get back to you in time to come. Nice to know we're already eager for 2020! 😄

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