What about the JAE students? Won't they be at a disadvantage when it comes to cca selection, since the JIP students have been admitted to ccas and if certain ccas' vacancies are filled up the JAE students won't get a chance at those ccas?

Thank you for your question! Our CCAs are very conscious of the JAE intake and have been requested to keep vacancies open for JAE students. The "quotas" are put in place by the CCA teachers-in-charge and can be shifted, which is to say that all deserving, interested JAE or JIP students will be given a place!
We're a new school with new systems and structures. The spirit of inclusivity, the belief in passion, and desire to provide a rich learning experience for all we uphold, will shape these systems. These will also evolve as we revisit our beliefs and improve our systems together with all our students!

how many doe like for eg im pretty gd at badminton and have represented clubs before but im not in badminton im in a ug am sec 4 now so how many vacancies are given out

Thanks for the question! It depends on the interest so we really can’t predict next year’s intake. 😅