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Thank u for answering 😄 How is the flow in fansign? I mean first we should buy album at least 35 to enter it. After we come to the spot is there any flow there? Like first you must bla...bla..bla..

buying at least 35 albums gives you a higher chance to get in. the flow you'll know it when you get in! it's quite self explanatory.

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+1 answer in: “Can you tell me what is the rules in fansign? Especially Apink. Can we take photos together with them?”

i need to know what happened to A-PINK.NET Used to "hang out" there pretty often back then. Its kinda sad, we no longer have international forum for Pandas TT.TT

to put things simply, there was a poor handing over of the management of the forum from the original founders to the new people that were suppose to run it and it got messy. people gave up trying to salvage it and the forum just died (this is based on the knowledge i know)

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