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He even stopped talking to me. And didn't keep the friendship too. I don't know the reason. All I know is we should never beg anyone to Love us. So I had a hard time letting go all the feelings. And now he is posting his photos with some other girl.

Wow, even if he doesn't want you to like him, he shouldn't throw away your friendship. I totally agree with you. You should never have to beg to be loved. Someone will come along and love you all on their own because you're amazing. I'm sorry this happened to you but you should just ignore it and focus your attention elsewhere :)

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Hey, sorry to bother you. I'm sure you get this question a lot but what happened to your story Breaking Tradition: The Impure Woman? I'd love to read it again if possible. Once again, sorry to bother you :)

It's not a bother at all :) and I'm planning on reposting it but I just don't know when yet because at the same time, I want to edit all of the chapters since there are probably plenty of mistakes 😅 I hope you understand.

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Hello! I noticed a pattern in your uploading schedule for "What She Never Told Him" and how it was after every month that you upload the chapters. Will you be keeping it like this all the time? I love your stories!

Ahhh I'm so sorry. I e been distracted lately with trying to finish my ongoing stories which is why I've been taking forever to reupload my completed stories. Thank you for being sooo patient though. I'll try to do better! And awww, thank you! ☺️ what's your favorite?

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