Ask @ewloser:

What is your opinion about same gender relationships?

in one. soooo

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Are you in Love?


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favorite food?

quiche, pizza, crepes

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What do you think was the most significant news story of the year?

the whole lame ass story with russia and the " anti homosexuality " bullshit

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Do you have posters on your wall?

not at the moment, no

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What is your favorite online shopping site?


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What made you happy today?

my girlfriend :3

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What will you never do?

eat tomatoes willingly.

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What is the most heroic thing you’ve ever done?

What is your attitude towards hunting?

you do you, i'll do me.

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Who was the last person you said thank you to?

probs my mum

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Is there any person you are afraid of?


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What are your hobbies?

art, dance

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living for tea and alt-j...

loser? yes.