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Afi, for that person who bought w1 and nct albums, what does she need to pay? like ems, the albums' prices, tax? and does it take more than 2 weeks to arrive MY?

Need to pay the album price and ems. Usually it takes abt 10 days after release date. since she buy nct and wanna one, wanna one release date is a bit late than nct so 10days after wanna one release date.

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I saw someone asked u to help her buy non-exo albums and u said u would help her direct from Korea to her house. didnt u think it's quite troublesome and burden? will u still help her if she wants other albums again soon? the progress is quite complicated isn't it?

Hello there, nope its easy. Just use my fingers to order it then ship it to her house. Why ? Do u need help too ? Feel free to DM me. No worry ~

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hello afi , sorry again. i'm the anon who asked about transparent printing. how is that ? i'm already confused :(

+1 answer in: “Hello afi^^ do you know any shop that takes order for transparent fan and pc, photocard and banner printing ?”

kak afi, open order nct dgn wanna one punya album tak? akak the one seller yang i trust and fast dia punya progress. yang lain mcm2 prob dgn supplier lah poslaju lah 😭

Awwww sorry dear my acc is more to exo if I open for other group, I’m not sure if I’ll get buyers or not ㅠㅠ but if u want me to help you buy both album, i can help ☺️direct from korea to your house. Example NCT with poster + Wanna One night ver with poster , total price is RM 165 😊

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Haluuu. From ur experience in exoluxion sg may i know which side (bila menghadap stage) chanyeol went to the most. Thank you in advance 💖

Hello ! Since I seat infront of the extended stage, chanyeol come to my side a lot hahaha Chanyeol , Kyungsoo and Kai appear in my video a lot 😂 my section is 228. But for the main stage I’m not really sure.

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Afi, ingat tak lagi price GP utk exordium encore yg paling murah berapa? And haritu elyxion afi ambil GP kan berapa? Bila nak bayar tu afi pakai paypal ka? Ada option lain tak selain paypal? And what language did you use when you meet kyeongsew? Sorry banyak pulak tanya. Hehe

Hello , i cant remember the price for gp exordium but u can try google it. For elyxion the price is 449 usd but for a twin. If you buy single its more expensive. The page has 3 diff language, jpn chn and eng. Yes u should pay using paypal ☺️

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How do you deal with hate? I’ve never gotten it until now so I’m just unsure if I should ignore it and let them boil in their own anger or address it with sarcasm lol

Hello ! If you are innocent, do not afraid to speak out. Like what I did last week hahaha Its normal, we cant satisfy everyone. If you make a mistake, write an apology and they will accept it even though it might takes time ☺️

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then luggage akak tak bawak ke?? ke yg bag allowance tu kalau luggage kita tak muat baru ambik yg option tu

Yes usually akk x amek luggage time pergi. Akk bawak luggage kecik naik atas je. Tarik je bawak naik atas but at the same time akk bawak bag balik kampung extra (lipat ltk dlm luggage) so usually balik akk amek 20 kg luggage yg akk bawak time pergi & bag balik kg tu dua dua masuk cargo.

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