Ask @exokiss88:

Afi, for that person who bought w1 and nct albums, what does she need to pay? like ems, the albums' prices, tax? and does it take more than 2 weeks to arrive MY?

Need to pay the album price and ems. Usually it takes abt 10 days after release date. since she buy nct and wanna one, wanna one release date is a bit late than nct so 10days after wanna one release date.

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I saw someone asked u to help her buy non-exo albums and u said u would help her direct from Korea to her house. didnt u think it's quite troublesome and burden? will u still help her if she wants other albums again soon? the progress is quite complicated isn't it?

Hello there, nope its easy. Just use my fingers to order it then ship it to her house. Why ? Do u need help too ? Feel free to DM me. No worry ~

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