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I can't stand this hot @ss weather. I miss freezing myself out of the house. People who are in jail even have it better than I do right now. They keep the AC cranked in there. That's paradise for some🤣😂😅😂😂😅😂😂.

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Oh how it is blessed to be ignorant

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Girl I love you too

There's s9mething I gotta tell you secretly I've been a boy all this time , hoe that doesn't change anything girl friend , we can still be beasties, " I don't even know you anymore " waaa but em why , cause you actually a dude.
Girl I love you too

What helps you sleep?

Knowing that when I do sleep I won't dream of anything just darkness and then just wake up

Do you like make up on men???

You already saw what happens when you pit make up on men you get james charles

Does it make you madder that i didnt die or that im smarter than you hope you can pee

Not really mader hatter , the fact you even brought it up makes you seem a bit insecure and feel like your seeking attention but what do I know your the smarter one

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👗👙🎩 Top 3 favorite things you like to see a partner wear?

A top hat, clown shoes and a tuxedo

Im that guy with that blue shirt...i know you know what i know. You know me.

Your that guy from state farm what are you wearing jake

Why men cheat when they’re in love with someone?

Why do girls cheat even tho there in a relationship?
Goes both ways shotie


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