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Do you have a blog?

Yep, I sure do. Blog:

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What happened to your blog? :(

Hello! My blog will be back in late August/early September. Sorry for disappointing you! :'(

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How much would it cost to buy your love?

I'm sorry, it can't be bought. If I had to put a figure on it, it would be priceless.

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Describe ur body

Top - UK 6
Bottom - UK 8/10

If you're expecting something more explicit than that, then I'm afraid you've come to the wrong person.

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Do you prefer to answer questions or ask them?

I prefer to answer questions.

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What is the quality you most like in a man?


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What was the last thing you bought?

The last thing I bought was a shift dress. (:
Forgot which blogshop it was from, though.

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Most memorable moment in Singapore in recent years?

Hello! *waves* In all honesty, my most memorable moment in Singapore happened last June. Spent my 21st birthday there, and my boyfriend actually paid for me to go on a shopping spree. I left Far East Plaza with 7 bags full of clothings, shoes, bags and accessories. Fun! :D

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When was the last time you hugged someone?

Today. Because I was feeling sad.

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What's your favorite thing about where you live?

10 minutes away from University.

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What was the first thing on your mind this morning?

"Today is my 1 year 9 months anniversary with Ken."

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Do you prefer to be behind the camera or in front of it?

Be behind the camera!

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What are your plans for tomorrow?

Grab some Bubble Tea, then work on my assignments.

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Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?

Probably my boyfriend.

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I don't mean to pressure you but I really miss your blog posts! :) Like your older entries, I wonder where they are now. I hope you can blog more often ^^

Hi there. Thanks for stopping by to let me know. I still have older entries saved under another URL, but it's set to 'private' at the moment. If I have time, I might collate older blog entries with my newer ones under one URL (but no promises). I will be blogging soon, don't worry.

I have a few blogging plans up my sleeve, hence the hiatus. This will be done with the help of my new DSLR, photography equipment, new blog layout...and much more! So stay tuned, and even though you might have to wait, hopefully it's worth it. Thanks for the question!

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What websites do you go to everyday?

Facebook, Blogger, Hotmail and Twitter.

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If you had lots of money what would you do with it?

For instance, if I had 10 million dollars, this is what I might do with the money:

2 million dollars to my family.
1 million dollars to my boyfriend's family.
1 million dollars to contribute to my shopping fund.

And I'll be saving the rest for my future, and enjoying life.

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How often do you change your mobile phone?

Every two years.

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What is your relationship status?

Currently in a relationship.

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What are the best holidays you have ever had in your life?

When I went to Taiwan on the 1st of January 2010 (for 10 days).
That was by far the best holiday I've ever had in my life.

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Did you ever run away from home?

Haven't done it, haven't thought about it, won't ever do it.

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What's something that can always make you feel better?

Drinking Bubble Tea - particularly Lychee Green Tea with Pearls.
Never fails to cheer me up.

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What question do you ask yourself a lot?

I often ask myself whether life would be better if I were living in Singapore, rather than Perth.
It's something that I think about at least once a week.

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What is your zodiac sign?

As my birthday is on the 30th of June, it makes me a Cancerian.
Thus, my zodiac sign is Cancer.

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