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What annoys you the most about a close friend?

Today's auto question which I think is good so I'm gonna "answer" just bcoz I wanna keep this here ᄏ

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going for bb fanmeet?


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DTRIX IS IN SG!!!!111!!!11! YOU GUNNA SEE HIMM????????

I'd like to?. Do you want me to???? HAHAHAHAHA

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pap ootd

#Kinjabang coz SGHaze but I still got work werk work werk werk~~

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what do muslims eat

Whatever they want [that is halal] :3

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Really hate superficial conversation at family gathering

On e bright side at least it's a once in a while thing + I'd rather have shallow small talks with some ppl then share with em my innermost thoughts anyways + it's REALLY better than when they try to do deep chats with you and become all yaya papaya. At least ya'll got alcohol lol :)

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You are not alone [although I kinda like it (maybe bcoz I dun relli curr wut peepo sae i dun relli watch wut dem waan dooo~)]

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How do you help your friends when they're feeling low?

I guess you can say so. Although sometimes I think I make em feel lower :/

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Make an anagram out of your name!

The only possible word is... EAT.

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I mean like u want to do but nv try?

Escape room!! NEVER had enough friends who are up for it sadly :(

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I am from Malaysia ))):

Ohhh about KAI2015?. Well maybe next time then~ :)))))

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Whats the point of making friends when they'll just leave you. I rather spend time with my family

Honestly everyone will leave, including family. :(

Getting left by family sucks more so I suggest making friends, so even if they leave you you'd build more immunity :)

Bcoz your ask doesn't sound like a question I don't think you really want my opinion so I hope that things will be better for you soon :) DON'T STOP LOVING!~

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Are u sad cos cannot go to Kinjaz dojo soft opening?

We can always go when they're hard, ha ha :P

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@carlyincontro asks, "Would you rather sneeze glitter or cough confetti?”

Coughfetti for sure~

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Pancakes or waffles?

Legit college entry question!. Haha my answer's still e same = WAFFLES ;)

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Is there anything u wish to do but cant?

SWIM!~ ^^ \m/
I mean I know how to swim lah but I can't swim swim.
My body's not built for it + my fire personality will sizzle into smoke after a while + chocolate and water just don't mix :/
But I do love it I just can't lolol

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unnie do u like Exo?? r u gg to Exo concert??

So-so?. Maybe 66% possibility going~

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I wanted to go for k-pop all in but not money ))):

... It's free??

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Who was your first crush? Describe them.

Smartest guy in class, sweetheart, always sit beside me even though I always "bully" him.

The only time when I showed some sort of affection was when he won a "Talentime" concert dancing with some other guys and I bought him Twisties and Kinder Bueno lol

Last I met him he's no longer as smart [VERY bad English], but still very much a sweetheart [we were with someone else but he said hi first and mentioned he's proud of my dance stuff] :) AND I STILL CAN BULLY HIM PUHAHAHAH >:) THE END~

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If you were really hungry, really exhausted, AND really gross, what would you do first — eat, nap, or shower?

"Daily Question"= Shower, eat, and nap.

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Salted or sweet popcorn?

#TEAMSALTED but usually I buy mixed ;)

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What is ur fave kinjaz performance at abdc

I love OMG Usher stage and I See Fire!! ^^ \m/ Can't pick a fav but all their ABDC performances were cool~ <3

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what song dance did you learn (k.a.i)???????

Same like always?? Didn't really learn anything new :/ :)

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annyong unnie are u gg for k.a.i?????

ANOTHER ONE #13 Yes I am~~

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