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Apa kau buat bila bangun2 tido, member kau ignore kau. Pandang muka kau pun tak and buat taktau macam kau tak wujud padahal kau pegibalik2 depan dia. And tetiba dia bersiap, keluar tak ajak kau. Bila dia balik, dia terus tido. Padahal malam sebelum tu okay je sembang, dia mimpi aku bunuh dia ke eh?

Biarkan je org tak betul camtu. Igt org ada masa ke nak find out why he’s being mad. If you are mad straight away tell whats the reason. Grow up ? just give him time. Maybe hes mad at you and not ready to talk about it.

Knapa fashion show dilakukan?

So that a potato like me would feel even more potato seeing them walking in branded luxurious bling bling attire

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What do u understand about sorry?

3 parts of sorry:
You sorry and you meant it
You sorry and wont do it again and
“I will make it up to you later”

Asyik fed up ja lelaki mmbuatkn aq mlas na knl org laen ?

The one who deserves you will show up later. But dont forget those guys who came and left is a lesson to be learned for you.

Masalahnya aku dah confess lah tak gentle apa nya, aku dah cakap aku noob bab bercinta ni. Perempuan nak semua benda senang tapi hati lelaki tak pernah nak fikir ?

Girls playing hard to get because she wants to see how much effort youre gonna give to get her. Because men tend to stop fighting once he got that girl and that scares the girl the most. And she will be the one who suffers emotionally when you stop acting like you care. Unless you can gv assurance that you wont do that to her. She will definitely open up her heart for you. Relationship aint easy, buddy

Ad sorng crush ni die sombong gilee,da bgi hint da yg aq minat die,tpi die block lps die tahu yg aq minat kat diee. What should I do right now ???

Errrr move on? ? Maybe she/he got someone else? So dia xnak org kacau kot thats why dia block huhuhu.

Sapa ada kelas esok pagi but still awake? ? So lets barai together in class yow.

Naaahhh you barai alone. I still hv less than a week before class starts hahahaha

khas utk lelaki..perempuan pon boleh jawab jugak..hehe..suka tak pada girlfriend yg clingy??

Okay je clingy but not toooooo clingy smpai rasa suffocating. It's better she cling to you like instead of she acting like she doesn't care or she seeks for someone else's attention. Hahaha

What is the sweetest thing someone has ever told you??

"You are the most adorable, cute, smart, independent girl i've ever met. Im so lucky to have you in my life. I love you ❤️"

? *Tausiyatul Qulub* ? ?Jangan bersedih hati di saat semua orang tidak mengenalmu, ?Tengoklah kepada nilaimu disisi Allah Taala dan jangan pernah didengar penilaian manusia terhadapmu. *[ Habib Ali Zaenal Abidin Al Kaff ]* 14 September 2017 M 23 Zulhijjah 1438 H


Macam mana nk approached girls ? Susah betul nk tackle awek ni ?

Frankly speaking, if you ask tips for this kind of thing from me, i honestly dont know what and how to answer hahaha but i'll try. Approach perlahan2 lah and dont be a stalker sbb scary kay kalau dpt tau ttba org luar tau everythg pasal kita lol. And be a gentleman. Offer helps, respect her and dont push her to accept you. Maybe you could gv present for her birthday? Know what are her likes and dislikes thennn im sure you know what to gv to her. (Girls these days love make ups, or beautiful shawls or maybe a box of chocs?)
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What's a silly thing that used to scare you as a kid?

Accidentally ate orange seed, and i was truly scared a tree will grow inside my tummy *facepalm

Cadangan untuk moisturiser?

Depends on what type of skin you have. Like mine i use vit E moisturizer from body shop. Maybe you should ask someone expert hahaha i am truly sorry because i dont know much about this. Oh ya my friend is using complete set of facial care from innisfree. She gave positive feedback for the product ?


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