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not getting irritated by exclamations: "Every time I look, you always are in the web"?

I'm always on my laptop for my career and of course i always procrastinate during that lol ,and stop stalking /:)

How many times have you heard the words of someone close to you..? ?

هو في شي مضيعني غير ده لول

Another question, do you love pizza? If you do what is your favourite toppings to put on it? ???

lol this is a cute question ?, YESSS margherita or chicken BBQ

So you do things without considering or caring about the consequences right?

bl-3ks in certain things i think a million time before doing things and after it actually lol

What is the one thing you regret doing or not doing the most in your life?

nothing yet lol , everything happens for a reason even if it was bad eventually u'll learn something from it . ogsim bellaah 56raaa 3deel ?

Post some thing worth reading ?

my fav qoute: on pic .
book worth reading : Don't tell me you're afraid by Giuseppe .
Post some thing worth reading

What is your best childhood memory??

i dont have a particular one ,i just love how close i was to my mom allah yr7ma so every little memory with her was the best

Do you think that you are special to someone ?! ?

ياعم ده احنا بنتشعبط في رضا ربنا , سبيشل ايه بس

i really wanna know more about your personality/ What are your secrets?

secrets toooshk keda ??!
you can reach me on my social media accounts ma b39'i ??


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