Ask @fabbielousxo:

I'll do a New one same rules apply you can only pick 3 for music Metallica, guns and roses, ACDC,That's bad if you lost track lol tbh so have I Nine inch nails, tool, ozzy Osbourne, avatar, Marilyn Manson, Rob zombie, bullet for my Valentine, foo fighters and black eye peas

None lul

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+1 answer in: “I'm going to list 12 things and you can only pick 3 things and the other 9 things they won't exist anymore which 3 would you pick and why Here the list Coffee, dogs, taccoos, cake, books, chocolate, cheese, Netflix, cats, sweat pants, makeup and bread you can only pick 3 which 3 and why”

How many children do you think you’ll have in total or the parents I follow, do you think you’ll have anymore children or are you complete? 😊

I’m really conflicted. I feel like because I didn’t get to appreciate the pregnancy with Tia, and didn’t get to do the whole buying for myself, I’d want another... but then I just don’t really enjoy kids at all so idk.

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