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Syeda izza batool ❤
The idea of becoming popular in someone’s notebook when no one is there when you are alone, that kind of popularity means anything to you? Being available to everyone everywhere every time is worth shit when perseverance of suffering surrounds you 24/7, that kind of availability means anything to you? amusement of evenings are just illusions when your midnights are spent awful and depressed. Gentle smile on your face in front of people and devastating emotions when there is only air and you and no one else, You are the most intelligent of creatures, you are a powerful beast you are a combination of 206 strong bones yet you are very weak when your feelings hurts. Every time i try to get closer to you why does nature drive me million miles away from my happiness and joyful moments. we have witnessed many times in our life that we are heroes for some people at the same time we are the worst enemies of many. Unexpectedly to the ones we give our most attention and love sometimes they repudiate us in the worst way.
The best among worst sometimes proves worst among best.
انس سہیل

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Short Story?🎉

Not exactly a story but worth reading ....
I’m penniless now and would be bankrupt tomorrow. I was a fierce warrior once but I’m weak and fragile now. Enjoy less and work as hard as you can because you’re going to start your professional life in coming years ahead. We eventually become adults giving in to demands of society. Why are we asked to wait for the accurate time to enjoy and to laugh, what if the accurate time never comes and you get run over by a car, or get diagnosed with some cardiovascular disorder or suffer from serious disease? Love this life and the people who stand by you even in the darkest times.
Those who make you happy, make them happier.
Catch and enjoy every beautiful moment before it goes by and extract bliss and glee from that moment because you are going to be silent after some time with only grains of sand and soft Kafun. Measure your happiness not by the amount of money you have in your wallet or your bank balance but with the quality of people you surround yourself with.
“Whenever a fight arises between brain and heart, hold a sword and knock the heart with a heart and listen to brain as heart often lies but brain never”
-Anas Sohail

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