Ask @faidisanudi:

You percaya ke bila someone kata dia boleh jaga dua hati?!? should I stay or just let it go? but he treats me better 🤦🏻‍♂️

to have physical intimacy with more than one person, maybe boleh. but to have a close emotional intimacy with more than one person, and treat them equally in that sense - i don’t believe in that kind of relationship tbh lol

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Reti masak tak? prefer makanan jenis ape? kampung? western? eastern? favourite food? Don't mind me. I judge people based on their food. for example: Orang tak suka minum susu tu sume orang jahat, hahaha

aku absolutely love masakan kampung, japanese, indo, italian & chinese (in that order) but i can only cook western food cause preparing malay food is a delicate process that i have yet to master

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