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Relationships today are completely fucked. I’m sorry, but it’s true! If you got in one 12 years ago, maybe, MAYBE, you had a little less chance not to throw your life down the drain.
We are engaged. People keep telling how beautiful we look together and what a mistake it would be for us to be apart. Everyone thinks we have the ultimate recipe for perfection. Our relationship was never too healthy or happy though. It was rather an example of how meeting your supposed soul mate can turn into hanging in a cage with your biggest enemy. Toxic, and tense and terrible, really, we spent seven months of our lives arguing on MAINLY stupid little things that turned gigantic every other two weeks.
We made mistakes, horrible ones. We wouldn’t apologize until it was too late or too meaningless. At first it was me, then it was her. We lived our lives in black.
And I sit now, thinking that I craved for this girl face, and words and touch for like four months, expecting the worst but hoping for the best. I craved – literally – for everything that she was. Or what I thought she was. We were not the people we hoped we were. Perfection, it’s an exaggeration, but we were far even from peaceful or happy.
I changed a lot and she changed a lot. There is no appreciation, respect or real love involved any more. Not even lust. In my dreams, we are still happy. In our sleep, we still hold each other till our breath stops, we still curl our arms around each others neck. Bodies don’t know our ache and at night they still react to the same chemistry that brought us together. They weren’t scarred, tired, beaten or hurt like the heart has. Waking up gets to be the worst. In the dark, I put my head under his chin and this way, my ear is closer to his beating heart, and I can still hear a very distant “I am yours to keep”.
- Faiq Baig.

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Are you a muslim?#hh

What? A religion does not play any role in the character a person possess. Yes, some freaks are there who are so keen in bringing their religions name down, every religion or society have people of this sort. Its actually normal, because the deeds we do is done from our heart, not because we are Hindus or Muslims. I have a friend who is a Indian and I have never seen a more decent Muslim ever. He belongs to a typical Indian family, pure in their race, but is a very genuine guy. So good in his character. He respects me a lot, and apologises for every petty thing. Has a very good attitude.
So, what I think is, no one can say Muslims are bad. If we think discreetly, its the deed and quality of an individual which defines them and ultimately the society. So in the last I would say,
Muslims are Love ❤️ if you think you love muslim hit the heart ❤️

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