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beef is red meat which is essential for females as they lose blood every month. what you shouldnt be eating is the bread; if you want to be thin and healthy. - personal trainer

Yes i heard about the bread part. Haha but BREAD is so hard to avoid. Anw, a doc of mine told me to indulge of dark chocolate esp during menses, is it true? gosh.

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Dresses that cover aurat type. Like sleeve(to cover armpit fats) the length on knee or maxi dress. ppl like my size suitable material is spandex. (Frm past experience of doing personalize clothes etc) colour,design,patterns i dont care what type as long suitable for women my size. Please?

Im not very much a coverer person. But I do thought about styling for muslim women. Well, I dont believe in spandex, cause its tight and follows ur curves making you look even meaty. IMO, you should use more sweaters, striped sweaters or pastel colors that matches (same color pallette) with your headwear (tudung). Just match the sweater with a pair of black or dark denim colored skinnies (yes its tight, but its dark and its not spandex so it gives more shadow and depth) or a chiffon maxi skirt with a weave brown belt or a ordinary black belt AND a pair of flat pumps. HOW DECENT. [Suggest you get sweaters from uniqlo, some of them have additional purpose or better in material to withstand singapores weather', pants and maxi skirts you could buy them off at bugis village at about $15, ask them to put in a belt too if they refuse to go lower. Haha. And the way you wear ur headwear to match this wear should be different too, I feel you should do with the inner wrap that sculps ur face (making look more slimmer) and a second layer placed around more loosely. Something like Yuna's? I supposed? :-)

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