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Cameron Andrew Shay
Age: 20
Birthday; November 15, 2001
Sexuality: Gay🌈
Mother and mother to be
Daughter: Darcy
Son: Robin
Relationship status: RP1: Engaged to a cutie pie @gvldcn 🥰4.20.21🥰
RP2: Taken by my handsome and sexy cutie baby Lucas 🖤7.4.21🖤
Singer-songwriter and actor
Likes: Spending time with friends and family, singing and performing onstage, acting, love and affection
Dislikes: Anyone hurting the ones that he loves and cares about and haters

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1)Who was the last dialogue with? ✨ 2) Who is your first friend? ?? 4) Do you have many friends? ? 5) Favorite song? ? 6) Favorite movie? ? 7) Currently in love? ? 8) Favorite season of the year? ? 9) Do you dance? ? 10) Favorite fruit? ? Share this to everyone you are following

1. My last dialogue was with my babyy @gvldcn
2. my cutie baby @gvldcn
4. yeah I do
5. Watermelon Sugar by my babyy @gvldcn and Starting Line by my cutie baby Lucas
6. the Harry Potter movies
7. With my babies @gvldcn and Lucas
8. Autumn
9. Yeah I do
10. My favorite fruits are bananas, strawberries and watermelons
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