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Fama you’re so gorgeous and attractive. You truly make me feel like you’re the most amazing girl. People should appreciate you and your beauty more as they are blessed by seeing your perfection. I hope you always have a good life and get everything you deserve. Hope this para is good

Acha likh letai ho boht tum anon 💙🌷
Untick krkay kehne me kia jata ha?

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Paragraph ummm kaam tu kafi muskhil hay pr ab likes ka sawal hay 😂😂😂 chal start krtay. Black suits you girl aur anwers bhi sahi hain 😂😂 aur real type vibe ati hay tum say :)) Keep smiling.Aur hate ka koe faida nahi tu miss krao 😂

Muhammad Dawood
Hahhaha nice
Mushkil kam hai i know is lye bola kisi ne ni likhna paragraph acha wala khair tume tumaray 30 likes abhi milnay lagay hain ... 😂

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