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Katherine’s piercing eyes remained on Damon, between the smugness of his smile and the comparison he made, the doppelganger’s face was draped in a complex blend of frustration, impatience, and displeasure. Teeth gritted and jaw tightened followed a scoff once he walked off. Her resenting gaze following him inside.
While he was inside Katherine turned around, took a few deep breaths, readying herself for the next round as Damon so authoritatively demanded. Fixing her hair lightly, Katherine attempted to seem as unbothered as possible by Damon’s latest stunt. Although she left his rhetorical question hanging, it still lingered on her mind, a small smirk appearing on a now much calmer Katherine once she realized; Damon’s latest attempt on teasing the Petrova may have just inspired her next question.
Her phone buzzed in her pocket, claiming her attention and her small smirk quickly widened into a victorious grin upon reading the response from the mysterious contact to her earlier message; ‘I’m in, just get yourself here. Take care, Katherine.’ Hearing Damon’s steps nearing, she purposefully left the phone in her hand making sure Damon would catch a glimpse of the words that seemingly brought her so much happiness. Pretending she just noticed him; Katherine hastily shoved the phone back into her pocket. “That was quick.” She commented nonchalantly as she slipped her hand into his, interlocking their fingers with ease as if this was the thing, she was most used to, all hints of annoyance gone or more like masterly hidden. “I was thinking we start there.” The suggestion came with a nod of her head towards the mall across the street. ”shall we?” She nudged him playfully forward to start walking. “I think you’ll be glad to know I’ll be out of your hair in no time and you and E-lena can fulfil that little fantasy you casually decided to share with me for no reason.” Her sarcasm dripping comment and the shrug clearly hinting at the jealousy Damon was meaning to bring out of Katherine. Although she wasn’t sure where he’d mind would take him based on the text he saw, hoping it’ll be enough to fuel some jealousy so that she could officially return the favour.
“Anyhow,” she spoke again, displaying how little she cared for an answer even when she was sure if he had something to say, no amount of distraction would be enough for him to let go. “I do owe you a question.” Throwing a look in his direction, Katherine now held his hand with both of hers and leaned her head on his shoulder lovingly. Surely with the street fairly occupied, she could blame anything on the role. “Why do you love her, Damon?” Somehow putting Elena’s name in the sentence came with a certain distaste for the fact that she’d somehow make it real; that her Damon truly no longer was hers, a feeling she chose to shove aside for now. “is it because of the ‘similarities’”She quoted his earlier words sarcastically, through which she once again hinted at her theory about the relationship.

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He inched even closer that she could feel his warm breath on her skin, she swallowed lightly. "yup, if not, that image surely did the trick." Katherine voiced her disgust, sharing just how stomach-turning Damon's choice of words was to her while keeping the real reason to herself.
Katherine then swiftly slipped out from between him and the wall and stood off to the side, no longer sure if she could contain herself with him this close. “Are you going to pay or..?” Katherine asked, clearly hinting on all the other ways he could use to make sure they don’t attract any unwanted attention.
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Back leaned against the brick wall, Katherine angled her ear just a fraction closer with every subtle shift of her body, catching fragments of his conversation. Her eyes sparkled with a blend of determination and mischief as she confirmed it was indeed Elena on the phone. Her lips curled into a smile of victory as lies slipped pass Damon’s lips ever so easily, one after the other.
Katherine’s eyes rolled in annoyance at the response Damon gave to Elena’s suggestion, finding herself more affected than she thought she’d be. Suddenly, Damon turned around, their eyes met and Katherine immediately gave a smirk that only lasted till the man started mirroring it back, her eyes narrowed in confusion and worry as she watched. His body language was relaxed yet purposeful, exuding an air of confidence that borders on arrogance causing Katherine a rush of worry as she contemplated just what mischievous thought he was about to execute. His bold steps came nearer and immediately her heart skipped a beat, her eyes questioning his behaviour while her lips stayed shut.
Brown eyes involuntarily followed his hand as it took place on the wall near her head, she quickly met his gaze again with her next breath trapped in her lungs, The air crackled with an electric intensity as she realized he’d trapped her between the wall and his body and her hands would have instinctively found place on his chest, had he not continued to speak. Katherine bit the inside of her cheek so hard she must have drawn blood as she struggled to remain collected, her arms tightened against her own chest while her eyes poured of hatred and annoyance, Damon sure was lucky he was teasing a human Katherine and not her old self. His words spit images into her head and for once she truly admitted the bitter unmistakable taste filling her mouth was indeed jealousy, but he’d be dreaming if he thought she’d allow him to see such a thing coming from her. Although hints to how she felt couldn’t be missed by the trained vampire eyes, by some miracle of self-restraint, Katherine remained collected and apparently unbothered to some degree.
On a deeper level, the doppelganger knew that Damon using Elena to tease her was a win but now she simply wasn’t clear minded enough to consider that factor.
Her teeth gritted and jaw tightened, physical reactions she seemingly could take control over, meanwhile her eyes remained fixated on Damon's, not that his piercing gaze would have allowed her anything else. Seconds after its over Katherine would surely realize that his statement was meant to trigger something within her, a task well achieved as her quickened heartbeat highlighted.
Simply obverting her gaze to the ground, a sarcastic smirk lifting her lips as part of the face of indifference she struggled to call upon.
Her eyes remained on the ground till Damon hung up, only then did they meet his once more, the smirk still present. "Nothing, I was saying that I was ready to leave."

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Katherine observed Damon's face closely, searching for a crease or a frown or any such case of emotional leakage to anything of how he felt regarding her answer, the lack of which almost frustrating as her eyes drifted away, his encouragement of her next question infuriating to the ex vampire so used to getting her way, Katherine cursed the humanity that robbed her of the gift of seeing through Damon, somehow sure that her vampirism would have aided her to see through his masterful act of indifference.
"Actually, I-" a ring interrupted just as Katherine was about to voice her desire to leave and start the promised shopping spree. The corners of her mouth lifted in a smile than soon disappeared once she realized Damon was about to deny her of the pleasure of eavesdropping. Instead, she frowned, even pouted a little as he walked outside.
Katherine waited until he left before she dropped the sad face and gathered her things then fished through her bag for her phone, taking advantage of the distraction that Elena’s call was, quickly scrolling through her messages to a contact where previous messages have clearly been deleted. "So?" She encouraged the mysterious contact through a cryptic message, clearly trying to rush the person to answer something previously discussed.
The brunette then got up, shoved the phone into her back pocket and headed to the door. "We'll be right back." She assured the waiter who nodded in return.
Not sure if Damon started the call yet, Katherine couldn't risk him hearing her footsteps, she waited until a group of people headed out then walked with them, hoping their collective footsteps would mask her own. Luckily Damon hadn't moved too far, probably counting on her human ears not being able to peak into the privacy of his conversation. Katherine leaned against the wall from a safe distance, arms crossed, hoping whatever she'd hear would be entertaining enough to maybe release some of her frustration, until he notices her at least. Eyes narrowed and ears perked as the unfamiliar taste of jealousy slowly invaded her senses till she pushed it down, reminding herself of how the main plan was meant to go. Soon enough, with Damon's help, once she's convinced him that is, she'll gain her immortality back and probably not see him again, perhaps after more centuries have passed, the thought somehow left a bitter taste in her mouth which she chose to ignore in favor on focusing on the show Damon was about to put up for no greater reason than her own safety.

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In his eyes, Katherine could have sworn she saw a glimpse of guilt, of worry for her. She wouldn't dare question that any further, but it filled her with a sense of satisfaction and even appreciation.
Once the back of his hand stroked her cheek gently, her face unconsciously nuzzled closer to his hand as she ignored the words that reminded her of the facade and instead granted herself the rare chance to selectively forget about that part of their game; the part where they were pretending, glad she could blame it on the character of his girlfriend she was growing fond of playing.
The touch quickly disappeared but it did wonders in calming Katherine's racing heartbeat. "Careful Damon, you're playing the role too well that you might trick yourself into really caring for me." Katherine commented playfully, feeling that a comeback was needed just in case her eyes and reaction to the touch gave away anything she didn't want to yet reveal.
The brunette watched in silence while Damon emptied the bag with impressive speed, her eyes wondered off, only snapping back to meet his once he voiced the question.
Her head tilted to the side and she bit the inside of her cheek, attempting suppress a chuckle, her lips curved into a provocative smirk. "I thought you don't get jealous, not with me, not anymore." Katherine said mockingly, reminding him of the words he once proudly declared to her after her initial return to Mystic Falls, not that she believed him then nor was she planning to believe him now; Damon's jealousy might have been her favorite part of him and it was a shame to even imagine that part ever seized to exist.
She lowered her head as she chuckled softly, enjoying the moment where she had his full attention, meanwhile wondering what his motives were behind this question, at the same time fearing his reaction to the true answer. Her eyes locked on his as she looked up at him through thick mascara coated lashes.
The minutes dragged longer while the doppelganger remained silent. She then lifted her head, not daring to tear her gaze away as she considered her options.
She considered asking why he cared and, in the process, buy herself a few precious minutes to reconsider which answer best benefited her but found herself surprised about why she cared for his feelings all the sudden, after all this was the same man she'd broken repeatedly through their centuries old love, hate relationship.
"Stefan." the truth gaining the upper hand in her inner struggle.
She swallowed hard after that confession. To her it made sense; she met Stefan first and fell for him, well, until she met Damon that is, but she selfishly decided to keep that part to herself as the question didn't demand it.
for a long minute, Her eyes scanned Damon's face for any signs of unintended damage her surge of honesty might have caused. "I loved Stefan.. first." she added, almost as compensation for the other half of the response which she chose to conceal.

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The blank stare on Damon's face probably told Katherine more about his surprise regarding her question than he would have ever consciously revealed. Brown eyes narrowed as anticipation rose, the mask of indifference she'd learned to master threatening to fall as her eyes scanned his face restlessly. Her gaze raced to his lips the second they parted as if to rush the words out of his mouth.
Katherine's face twisted at the response, not sure how to feel about it; for one, she was indeed one step closer to winning now that Damon chose to skip the question, however, in typical Katherine fashion, she found herself even more desperate for an answer now that he'd chosen to not give her one, or did he? In his choice Katherine was interpreting a plethora of meanings; why would he risk losing the game for a question like that? Unless-.
It seemed Damon wasn't planning to allow the doppelganger to continue thinking a minute longer as a sudden force pulled her chair, violently ripping Katherine out of her thoughts.
In mere seconds Damon's face was inches away from her own and Katherine could have sworn that had it not been for those blue eyes robbing her of breath, she would have screamed her lungs out as evident by her heart beating twice as fast.
Katherine's eyes followed the hand aiming for her neck until she could no longer see it, only the feeling of faint brush of skin against skin as he tucked her hair back, purposefully baring her neck. "What are you doing?" She whispered unconsciously, as if she was thinking aloud, still taken aback by the swiftness of his move even more as the closure pulled on her heart strings. Damon's face dipped nearer, the mix of his whisper and the feeling of his breath on her neck willed her skin to perk into goosebumps. "Damon.." her voice was shaked, void of the natural confidence and hinging on primal fear, she couldn't tell what he planned to do but his near sent a surge of lust and fear through her body, yet she found herself helpless, unable to move an inch. It wasn't until she saw the blood bag that she'd somehow managed to forget about, that she finally allowed the breath hitched back in her throat to escape her lips. "That was unnecessary." She commented, annoyance now clear that she realized just how fearful and flustered she must have looked. She was still shocked by her reaction; rare were the times where Katherine felt excited in the company of a creature that could overpower her, which in her current state was an understatement so it felt justified to be surprised by the new sense of safety Damon’s presence offered her. The brunette fixed her hair to regain her composure, now aware that Damon's stunt was simply meant to not let her question his motives for using his first skip. "Your turn." She encouraged but remained in place to cover him while he enjoyed his meal and probably the heart attack he almost caused the Petrova.

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Taken aback by the sudden serious tone in response to her flirty banter, Katherine's smile wavered but remained arrogantly plastered on her lips. In Katherine's eyes, Damon's annoyance was a sign of victory; that her sly words managed to somehow break the surface even if she couldn't exactly place the source of such a reaction, considering that calling this a date wasn't anywhere near as in insulting to his relationship as having spent the night in his bed. "Whatever you have to tell yourself to sleep better." The doppelganger commented with a sarcastic scrunch of her nose as she reached for the now half empty glass of juice in front of her. "Although I'm not exactly sure just how much better you would sleep, considering you'd still be sleeping next to me at the end of the day." She commented with the glass halfway to her lips right before she took a sip, making sure to keep her eyes locked on his with a flash of mockery entertained by the thought of provoking Damon further.
Setting the glass back, her brown eyes scanned the restaurant before pulling her bag onto her lap, hand dug in, searching for Damon's breakfast. "Bon appetite." She whispered as she placed the bag on his thigh underneath the table, making sure to linger just enough for her fingers to brush against the inside of his leg on her way back; fingertips flirtatiously tracing the line of stitching on his pants all the way down to his knee before the faint touch disappeared. Her gaze fixated on his, little left on her lips of the smile that previously graced her features as she attempted to maximize the sexual tension brought on by her deliberate move.
"My turn." She stated, inhaling a deep breath, apparently an attempt to heighten the tension before she revealed her question, but really Katherine was merely deciding whether or not she should start with the real questions or keep going with the appetizers. Her wondering gaze settled on his eyes and just like that her decision was made. "When did you stop loving me, Damon?" Despite her attempt at sounding neutral, her voice was somber, it lacked the characteristics sarcasm and playfulness and just below the surface Katherine hated how the folds of her voice hid a hint of guilt as the question rolled off her tongue. She knew someone who knew her as well as Damon would pick up on such a detail and in compensation her face couldn't have looked more indifferent just while her heart skipped a beat in another display of humanity betraying her mask, failing again to disguise just how deeply she cared about that an answer.

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Patience has never been Katherine’s greatest virtue and it showed so clearly as she curiously watched the man in front of her gather his thoughts. The brunette was somewhat appreciative of the few seconds he took; it served as assurance that he was taking their little game seriously and attempting a real response to her question, something she was going to consider once she’s up. Her eyes narrowed slightly, head tilted to the side as she placed the glass of juice she’d previously held so close to her lips back onto the table before having taken as much as a sip. A smirk grew on her lips as she listened then a silent scoff escaped; it brought her pleasure knowing just how unproud Damon was of Elena’s action. She was satisfied with the answer.
She couldn’t help it as her mind replayed the memory of that night, how close she was to ending the youngest Petrova, if only she didn’t choose to taunt Elena first. She didn’t stand a chance against the centuries old vampire if it hadn’t been for the cure. Damon, however seemed to think Elena could have found another way out and who was Katherine to ever defend her shadow self by telling him just how close his girlfriend came to death at her hands?
It was his last remark that snapped her gaze back onto the Salvatore after her eyes had shortly wondered off. “so you really think you’re still alive because I failed to execute my plans to kill you?” She leaned forward, her question bordering on playful despite being serious. She chuckled playfully and brought the glass to her lips once more, taking a sip. “your turn.” She encouraged, clearly not planning to give him the satisfaction of a serious answer to the question she just asked.
“if I didn’t know better I’d say you don’t trust me.” She joked, pouting as she referred to how she’d already answered that question the night before. “It was a risk, really.” She started with an eyeroll as she leaned her back against the seat, brown eyes wondering somewhere else as she continued. “I just hoped that somewhere, maybe you still cared, even after everything I’ve done.” She took a breath, her eyes locked on his once more. “Believe it or not, after the life I’ve led, not many names pop up when I think of a safe place. A part of me was sure you wouldn’t turn me down and I was almost sure it was false hope, or even desperation but it turned out I was right, wasn’t I?” She smiled victoriously, her cockiness on full display. “I mean here we are having a fun date together.”

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Katherine's curious brown eyes roamed his face, searching every crease in his perfect complexion before she gave up; forced to admit that the long pause served very little in breaking the stone wall that was the Salvatore’s expression. Katherine was left with two alternatives; he either genuinely didn't care or he played the game too well before it even began.
Having revealed the game and its prizes, Katherine leaned back in her seat, a soft smile gracing her lips as she waited for the approval, she knew Damon far too well to even think he’d pass up on the change to squeeze some truth out of Katherine, especially with how rarely such a thing was offered.
"I told you before Damon, I know where I'm not wanted." She pouted slightly, of course she knew she'd win the game but she couldn't make it that obvious. "If that's the case, I'll leave. I'll find another way to survive, I always do." She reminded smuggly with an arch of her eyebrows.
A smile curved her lips at the anticipated approval, he didn't even negotiate the terms and Katherine choose to take that as a good sign. “so.” She leaned in once more, doing very little to hide her excitement. "What was your first reaction when Elena told you she had shoved the cure down my throat after I tried to kill her?"

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brown eyes scanned over his handsome features, trying to estimate just how close he was to taking her on that offer. Katherine gave an eyeroll and an annoyed sigh as Damon shifted the blame. Although making the time pass faster was her own reasoning behind the suggestion of playing a game, it couldn’t have been further from the truth; Katherine was enjoying the day far too much to even consider allowing it to go by any faster but since Damon still insisted she was simply an inconvenience, she just needed him to bite the bait.
Her eyes left his own, dancing a cross the table and choosing a plate and digging her fork into it before Damon spoke again, eliciting a smirk from Katherine. “no rules was fun when I was capable of controlling the game, as for now some rules are just necessary evil.” She pouted before guiding the fork to her mouth, now more capable of enjoying the taste with her stomach no longer empty.
“Yup.” She confirmed as he restated the rules. She rested the fork down and brought both elbows onto the table, resting her chin onto the back of her clasped hands as she devoted her full attention to him. “If you win, I’ll leave.” She stated clearly. “no more hiding me, protecting me, lying to Elena, nothing. You can even have your whole bed to yourself, and you’ll never have to see me again.” Her eyes were fixated on his own, desperately trying to see through him, to glimpse a real reaction to her words, she gave it a long minute then continued. “however, I’m much less greedy. So If I win. All you have to do is .. kiss me.” Katherine raised her eyebrows emphasizing the simplicity of her trophy. She was curious to see how quickly Damon would see through to the genius behind Katherine’s seemingly benign request. She could have asked for anything but instead Katherine asked for the one thing that would grant her everything. If he still had anything other than despise for the doppelganger, Katherine was sure a kiss would be enough to either deny of confirm her suspicions and that would be her golden ticket. Only thing she feared was that her game reveals more than she herself bargained for but that was fear she was willing to push away for now.

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Taken aback by the mildness of his comeback Katherine smiled softly, somewhat even appreciative for the lack of accusations, despite having the chance to dig deeper into the uncharacteristical kindness of her gesture, which told her he appreciated it in his own way. "That too." She countered with raised eyebrows.
Her smile quickly turned sly at the comment, immediately picking up on the purposeful double meaning of his words. She shrugged her shoulder, summoning her best flirtatious look.
"Well, consider yourself a bodyguard with privileges." A playful wink followed the statement while she slowly leaned back into her seat, eyes still fixated on Damon.
"Come to think about it, bodyguards are also not supposed to be in love with the person their guarding but here you are." She provoked, playfully. It wasn't as accusatory as it usually was, this time it swung on playful, reflecting Damon's own gentle banter. "How about-" She'd barely started to speak when she stopped, the waiter laying the plates on the table had rendered the doppelganger speechless as her eyes danced between the dishes. "The pancakes still need a minute, let me know if you still need anything. Enjoy." The smiling waiter said before removing himself from the table politely.
As if on cue Katherine's hand raced to the fork, taking a couple of bites from each dish until she satisfied her initial hunger, just enough for the aching of her stomach to settle down. Her eyes found Damon once more and she'd almost forgotten he's sitting before her. "What? I told you I was hungry." She claimed defensively, justifying her almost childlike manner. Now digging her fork into some bacon and slowly driving it to her mouth in a manner much more representative of her elegance. "so I was thinking, what do you say we play a game?" Eyebrows raised in invitation with a smile tugging on her lips. "You know, since we're spending the day together and your commitment to your relationship is robbing the fun out of it, how about a game to make the time run faster." She tried to convince him further, attempting to arouse his interest before revealing any details. "The truth. One question at a time, we have to be truthful. You can only skip 3 questions. What do you think, Damon? don't you wanna play with me?"

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Katherine’s gaze dipped lower for a second, catching a glimpse of a smile on his lips, she quickly concluded how this game could be used by both as she couldn’t tell what is and what isn’t a part of the act. The warning snapped her out of thought. “but it’s so much fun.” The brunette teased, sticking her lips in an exaggerated pout. She knew that warning was empty, Damon surely knew better than to think there was anything he could do to restrain Katherine from enjoying this to the very limit. Lost in her own provocation, Katherine hadn’t even noticed his hand till it found hers, eyes quickly drifting south to confirm the nostalgic sensation of his hand in hers, the brunette couldn’t help a rush that ran through her at the mild gesture, maybe it was the simplicity of it that brought this reaction.
Now painfully aware of Damon’s heightened senses, Katherine needed to level the playing field; she couldn’t let him catch on any of the physical signals her mortal body so willingly revealed. Her eyes snapped back up to meet his, her smile matching his own as she tilted her head to the side. “Yup, let’s go.” She replied, taking initiative in leading both inside. The hunger served as distraction to the hand so sweetly clutching hers and she was almost grateful. “Hi.” She started, immediately addressing the first waiter she saw. “my boyfriend here is trying to make up for something he did this morning so we’ll take one of every breakfast item you have on the menu.” The doppelganger excitedly claimed hinting at his latest rejection of her advances just before they left, throwing Damon an innocent look as the man drafted down her order and asked if that was all. “yup, we’ll be on that table in the corner.” She replied, pointing at the table she chose. “oh and don’t hold back on the pancakes. Thanks.” She added, her eyes dancing between the pictures on the menu plastered to the wall just behind the man’s head. Stomach growling at the mere sight, the flirty banter in the car had almost distracted her to her own hunger and it seemed it came back with vengeance.
Katherine made her way between the tables, dragging Damon behind her by the hand towards the empty corner table, flashing a friendly smile at strangers and sweetly excusing herself when someone had to move their chair to clear the way for her. She almost felt sad to have to let go of it once she reached her seat and took it but reminded herself it was only the beginning of an apparently very entertaining day. She leaned forward on the table, reducing the distance between them as if to tell a secret. “There’s a blood bag for you in my bag.” She told, suddenly aware of just how uncharacteristically caring that was of her, she quickly added an explanation. “I need you in full strength if you’re gonna be my bodyguard.”

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“If that’s what you’d like to call it.” Katherine retorted, shrugging, recycling his own words in reaction to his excuse. A sarcastic smirk stamped on her lips. “it’s funny though..” She started, exaggerating an expression of being deep in thought before making her point. “I don’t think any amount of phone calls would have stopped your fit of passion when I first returned to Mystic Falls.” She recalled the night of her return with a daring gaze in her eyes, challenging him to deny it. “That top was a gift by the way.” She added, hinting at just how quick he’d been to tear her clothes off with the unpent lust of a century and a half possessing the both of them. She was always slightly bitter, recalling that night; sure it would have been unforgettable if he hadn’t pushed himself off her to ask for the truth of her feelings for him. That night still made unforgettable but for all the wrong reasons when she shamelessly broke his heart with the answer. The Petrova quickly brushed the thought away, the hunger didn’t help to keep her mind from wondering.
Katherine softly chuckled, his explanation bordering of amusing rather than convincing. “Whatever you need to tell yourself, Damon. I’m sure the confusion of your undead feelings for me must be weighing a lot on your Elena-loving conscience.” The doppelganger teased, pouting her lips in fake sympathy before swiftly exiting the car. Closing the door, the brunette leaned on the car as she stretched her back lightly, hearing a few cracks at the release of tension. She leaned forward, fixing her hair in the mirror before making her way to Damon’s side of the car once he exited.
She quickly adjusted her walk after throwing a look around, searching a someone who she’d have to greet back, just another side effect of being the beloved Elena. Reaching Damon, she flashed him a sweet smile, characteristic of Elena’s before lifting a hand to fix his hair gently, her eyes capturing his after scanning the decently occupied parking lot for a second time. “So how much PDA do you and Elena usually show? Cause we need to keep it realistic, you know” Her voice just beyond a whisper, following the words with a wink. Katherine didn’t hold back on displaying just how much fun it was for her even if just to spite him with the mere fact that he now had to spend the day treating her like his girlfriend. She was clearly taking her role seriously, for more reasons than one.

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Katherines was just about to request more information regarding Stefan but there wasn't time as Damon swiftly steered the conversation back to Elena, certainly expected when Katherine didn't leave him anytime to respond to any of her accusations and assumptions. Katherine turned to face him at the loud sigh he gave, although she couldn’t seem to read him perfectly, she could tell he was somewhat frustrated, and couldn’t help but wonder whether it was the topic or the person in question that elicited this reaction. She rolled her eyes amusedly at the train of explanation for why he wasn't worried. “Right.” She scoffed, unconvinced. the logic in his declaration only bothered her further and she sighed turning her sight to the window, delighted once she noticed the parking lot.
Katherine unclasped the seat belt as soon as the roaring of the engine ceased desperate to grab a bite, not hearing another word about precious Elena and how much Damon, once her Damon, cared for the youngest doppelganger was surely a bonus. fingers were wrapped around the door handle when his voice came. Her eyebrows knitted into a frown before she slowly turned back in her seat, her eyes on him again. lips parted but he was too quick laying assumptions, Katherine soon caught up, amused as she realized he was copying her own tactic. Her lips pursed in a thin unimpressed line as he revealed just how much the previous betrayal of her body was obvious to him. "It's a human reaction, Damon. Means nothing." She insisted, only realizing how defensive she sounded as she turned her head to the door eager to exist the car. She needed to turn the tables and with that she let go of the handle, her accusatory gaze back on him. "If you wanna discuss reactions, let's discuss how uninterested you were in that kiss. Odd, considering you thought it was Elena, don’t you think?" She provoked, the familiar smirk spreading her lips as she let the words sink in. "I'm human, Damon. Not dumb, I can still tell a man that wants me from a man that doesn't." She started; her voice lower as she looked at him with sultry eyes. “I couldn’t help but notice just how much more you did want me. Only after you realized it’s me and not Elena.” Her smirk turned into one of victory as she hinted at her last attempt at seducing him just before they left. Her confidence was half fake; although she could feel some of what she claimed, she didn’t have proof especially as a human she couldn’t pick up on the same details Damon clearly registered, she did however hope Damon’s reaction would give him the proof she wanted.

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Brown eyes narrowed in his direction in an accusatory glance. “oh, is that what we’re calling your girlfriend shoving the cure down my throat?” She asked, making a point of reminding him just how she came to be in this situation to begin with and consequently who to really blame for having to play bodyguard. Her eyes returned to the road ahead, mirroring his own as she listened, an instant rush of worry washed over her at the thought of her doppelganger already being on the way, for some reason she wasn’t exactly fearful for her life, but an unwanted visit would certainly cause a lot of complications. Damon’s lack of worry certainly did calm her own thoughts, especially after he added that he did plan to call her again upon which she chose not to remark.
Her attention sprung back to him at that statement, she’d even dare say the words surprised her, or maybe it was the underlying tone of concern and care behind them. Her lips curved into a victorious but genuine smile. “Happy to know you care more about my humanly needs than your unresponsive girlfriend.” She teased but kept the tone of appreciation present when she spoke, she was grateful for the gesture but playful banter was simply her way of showing that.
A short moment of thick silence enveloped the air around them and Katherine choose to provoke him some more before they reached their destination. “so, you’re not worried?” She asked with clearly exaggerated concern. “about Elena, I mean.” She paused. “she’s not answering, shouldn’t you be worried about her safety? Shouldn’t you be on your way to check up on her?” a smile found it’s way to her lip before she ran her tongue between them, trying to hold it back. “wanna know what I think?” The brunette started but gave no time for a response. “I think she isn’t really that concerned and is simply looking for a reason to drop by and see you.” She moved her gaze to the window before adding. “She must have missed you.” She announced, unbothered to hide just how annoying the statement was to her. Her eyes were back on him, swiftly scanning him from head to toe before admitting. “Not that I can blame her.” The words slipped out and just when Katherine noticed what she’d said, her eyes raced back to the window, fleeing any possible eye contact before she played the magic card; “Where’s Stefan? He didn’t return home last night.”

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Desperate to clear her mind, Katherine let her fingers loose on the screen of her cellphone, typing away a list of things she needed, making sure to add some groceries and edibles as she wasn't eager to eat delivery daily, she also needed some additional stuff to make herself at home in Salvatore mansion. Anything to distract from the tension was very welcome as she reviewed the list once more, eyes scanning the items carefully, double checking if she forgot anything.
Her eyes snapped up from the screen as soon as she picked up on the sound of his footsteps. "Food." The one worded answer seemed perfectly timed as her stomach growled lightly causing her to clutch at it, almost embarrassed at her own human needs.
The doppelganger made her way to the door then quickly outside, eager to walk the streets safely now while impersonating Elena, maybe with the Salvatore on her arm she won't be jumping at every sound, terrified at every stranger lingering next to her for more than a few seconds. Playing his girlfriend for the day was another plus point she looked forward to. come to think about it; even when they were together once upon a lifetime, she couldn't really display nor receive any affection apart that shared behind closed doors as such thing was scandalous at the time, not to mention people were already talking about Katherine as she not so discreetly carried on a relationship with both brothers.
Katherine quickly got into the car as soon as it was unlocked, buckled the seat belt, bringing the mirror down to check her disguise one last time.
"I'll take anything, I'm starving, and you've got nothing for me at home which isn't exactly hospitable of you." She complained as if it were in his job description as her bodyguard. So far she only looked at Damon through the corner of her eye only turning her full attention to him now before she spoke. "So, did you call E-lena back?" hiding none of the distaste she held for the person in question. "Or should we be expecting her for dinner?" Noes scrunched up as she felt the need to add an explanation for her increased interest in the relationship, the danger for her mortal existence was the perfect door to ask as many questions as she wanted about the topic. Surely Katherine's curiosity was the main reason for the question, but she was also aware than after Damon chose to ignore yet another one of Elena’s calls, very little was holding her back from actually dropping in for a quick visit.

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Katherine took bride in his surrender, he didn’t push her back, swat her hand away, not even playfully. His eyes on her lips as she inched them closer to his own was nearly enough to forget she no longer overpowered the Salvatore by centuries of strength. “mm hm” She hummed her confirmation, eager to see where he was going with this. The limits he allowed her to break in the current invasion of his personal space only excited her further even planting some unrealistic hope that he’d actually give in.
Despite the power she felt, She couldn’t deny that it wasn’t just about testing the limits, playful flirtation or even the joy of toying Damon’s long buried feelings for her, the moment where his fingers removed the hair away from her neck, the realisation hit that she wanted what she was offering as much as he probably did, automatically tilting her head ever so slightly allowing further access to the skin on display as soon as he dipped his face closer to her neck, She could almost feel the choking grip of self-restraint loosen, ever so slightly and her body responded to his touch, as little as it was.
The tracing of his finger across her skin, his breath blowing on her neck made her body almost erupt in goosebumps. She cursed under her breath at the betrayal of her body. Katherine had about believed he was all in until his mouth rested beside her ear and a whisper came, the uncensored images in Katherine's mind withering away, replaced with unfiltered frustration and even a hint of rage for having not gotten her way.
She was glad he had his back to her as her cheeks darkened with frustration, Katherine Pierce wasn't used to rejection but there was something even deeper increasing her annoyance.
The brunette found herself conflicted as she watched him; lost between an admiration for Damon's loyalty, jealousy of who it was for and annoyance with the last rejection. She took a second to collect herself, trying not to bite the inside of her cheek any harder in fear of drawing blood. "I admire your loyalty Damon, even though it's terribly misplaced." She admitted, hearing her own words made her aware of the main factor in her current frustration; his loyalty. For someone with trust issues as deep as Katherine's, loyalty was something she rarely even believed in, until she came across the Salvatore, who not only held onto her secret religiously but also stayed loyal to her for a century and half and to think she lost that man to pathetic Elena. Katherine banished the thought away as she walked by Damon without as much as a look, maybe she was still upset or maybe afraid of her eyes betraying her just as her body previously did. "I'll wait for you downstairs."She announced, walking out of the room and down the stairs as if to escape his closure and the confusion it brought her. Whatever was going on, didn’t matter for as soon as she got what she wanted, she’d be off on her way to rediscover the joys of immortality in the furthest place from here.

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Chocolate brown eyes remained fixated on Damon, only drifting to the vibrating phone on the nightstand, curiosity fully on display as she wondered whether or not he was going to pick up, luckily the wait was short as the ringing stopped causing a devilish smile to lift her lips ever so slightly, genuinely proud of herself for managing to make a dent in Damon’s relationship as it seems, after all there he was ignoring yet another phone call from his precious Elena.
Damon spoke and tore the Petrova out of her thoughts abruptly. She rolled her eyes and scoffed lightly at his remark, a warning? Now where’s the fun in that? “Yup. Mainly.” She replied casually affirming the plan for the day, checking out the shoes she wore, they weren’t her style but being human came with limitations and she couldn’t help being a little grateful that Elena preferred much bulkier, much shorter heels than the ones Katherine would have picked for herself.
“guess so.. I mean I did almost fool you into kissing me, didn’t I?” She provoked with a smirk, eyebrows lifted, responding to whether she was ready. Her gaze followed Damon as he stepped closer to the closet, watching him switch shirts, her eyes following his fingers as they slid each button into its hole. Only snapping to meet his eyes once he spoke again.
She squinted her eyes for a second in an expression of clear annoyance, the unfamiliar feeling of jealousy burning in the back of her throat, but she knew better than to give into him. She wiped her features of all hints of her annoyance and downed her signature flirtatious smile as she confidently stepped in his direction. “Maybe that’s what I was counting on.” She teased, her eyes scanned his form, roaming his face, shoulders, chest, stopping on his fingers still fumbling with the buttons, playfully swatting his hand away from them once she was close enough and replacing them with her own. Her gaze capturing his once more, the closure now allowing her to enjoy the purest shade of blue in them. “Or.. we can stay here for a little while. Together.” She started, her voice nearing a seductive whisper as she ever so slowly undid the last button he did. She knew he’d be rejecting her soon enough, but she couldn’t help pushing it. After all, she didn’t remember a time where she was alone with Damon and didn’t flirt with him, even when he’d almost convinced her he despised her so she couldn’t see a reason as to why not try her luck now, knowing what she knew. “what do you think? for old times’ sake.” She whispered, inching her face closer to his until she could feel his breath on her lips. “I know you missed me, Damon. I saw your pretty blue eyes sparkle for a second there when you first saw me yesterday.” She teased further, hands slipping to the next button but not making a move yet. “it'll be our little secret.” She uttered the same words she promised him so long ago as she first intrusted him with her secret in an attempt to stir emotions back to the surface.

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Watching the confused Salvatore swallow her bait, Katherine held back a smirk that could have exposed her identity in seconds, instead the doppelganger smiled softly. “I know, I know.” She gave in defeatedly at the mention of an earlier agreement between the two. “but I was worried, you weren’t answering my calls and I just had a bad feeling.” Katherine admitted, her worried frown only creasing further as she continued. “are you sure everything’s alright? You seem a bit off.” She commented, normally it would have been teasing but she was genuinely surprised to see how little excitement came to Damon’s face at seeing the supposed love of his life entering his bedroom. The thought quickly faded as he wrapped an arm around her, her own arms around his neck reflexively as she gave into the closure. Almost jealous for a moment that this wasn’t exactly meant for her but feeling got replaced by an out of character nervousness in reaction to the sudden closure and for a second there she almost forgot the act she was putting on.
His face inched closer to hers, her heart skipped a beat, her gaze fluttered quickly between his eyes and lips as his scent invaded her nostrils and she cursed her human self for such a glaring physical response. Never in a million years would she have guessed just how much she missed this closure, his arms around her waist, her hand messing with the hair as the nape of his neck and she inched closer herself, mirroring him. “did you?” She whispered, encouraging him to show her just how much he missed her despite his words lacking the expected emotional reflection. The realisation suddenly dawned on her just how much she wanted to have that kiss, she’d later despise that it wasn’t really aimed at her but right now not even that matter plus just how much she’d provoke Damon the whole day with the fact that he kissed her.
The ringing almost made her jump in his arms if she hadn’t been in a complete trance. She hadn’t registered exactly what happened until he turned around, her body shivered slightly at the sudden lack of touch but she took the moment to gather herself and question what on earth got into her, she even considered leaving before she realized how pathetic her own words sounded in her head; a herd of supernatural creatures trying to haunt her down in her weakened state and she was even considering leaving the only one willing to protect her just cause she was afraid of some undead feelings resurfacing? “who is it?” She asked, keeping the show going then giggled softly at the mention of her name. Could she really not have called a few minutes after? “I wanted to see if I still got it.” She shrugged, the smirk returning to her lips. “turns out I still do.” She tilted her head to the side, pride clear in her voice before she sat down on the bed, crossed her legs. “see, I couldn’t help but notice but you were just a little cold with E-lena just now, sure you’ll be a lot nicer knowing you’ll be my date for the day."

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She exited Stefan’s room and casually strutted to Damon’s making sure to adjust her walk as she did. She stopped at the doorframe, wiped the smirk off in preparation to play the part. Katherine summed her best Elena voice. “Damon?” She called softly, perfectly hitting just the right texture of worry and care. She hid it well but she curious if she’d fool him again even in for a few minutes. She needed to, if she was going to fool the town on a day out, she needed to know if she still got it. She stepped closer, abandoning the signature confidence in her usual strut completely for a more unsure, demurer manner that was typical of Elena. “I got worried, I had to come check up on you.” She paused just before reaching the bed. “Is everything okay?” She asked, brows creased with imitated worry. She allowed her eyes to scan the room curiously before curving her lips into a smile once her worry supposedly subsided. “I’ve missed you.”

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Brown eyes fluttered open then quickly closed in reaction to the sun, the Petrova bringing a hand to shield her eyes from the invasive warm rays sneaking in from between the curtains. It seemed she’d never get used to the longer period her eyes needed to adjust to the light, a process that previously took her vampire-self mere second now took full minutes, a timeframe the impatient doppelganger deemed too long. She stretched slightly, recalling memories of last night as if they were from a drunken haze, she turned around to face a still sleeping Damon. Her stiff muscles ached as she lightly stretched, careful to not wake her new roomie. Katherine caught herself gazing at him, she could have kissed him in appreciation for his mere presence offering her such peace and safety, she wouldn’t say it but she was beyond grateful.
long centuries had passed since she got to sleep next to him, even in 1864 it was a rather scandalous act and therefore occurred way less than she hoped it would. She caught her hand halfway as it instinctively moved to brush a stray strand of jet-black hair from Damon’s forehead. His senses were heightened especially since he was on protection duty and she assumed the slightest touch was enough to shake him out of his slumber. The brunette watched him for a few long minutes, recalling last nights events with a bitter taste of guilt under her tongue, blaming exhaustion for most of what was said last night and making her mind up on denying it if it was brought up again. Damon had used her weakened state, desperation, and exhaustion in his favour, forcing her to confess things she wasn’t ready nor willing to confess. She settled on that explanation for now, knowing just how pathetic of an escape it was yet it was easier than delving into explaining the tornado of emotions that Damon’s company had awoken in her. Today’s a new day, the highlight of which was that Damon was taking her shopping, she settled with that thought and slid out of bed silently, throwing a look at the mirror before grabbing some make up bag and clothes she found last night, it didn’t take a genius to figure that they were Elena’s; the dull shoes, safe and predictable blouse and jeans. She scoffed at the idea of how Damon could have ever replaced her with this dull version of herself she was convinced couldn’t ever compete, she brushed it off quickly, opting to take a shower in Stefan’s bathroom as to not wake Damon up quite yet.
It was quick and took way less effort than the effort she usually puts in to accomplish her original look. The hair, the makeup, everything was in place and now it was time for a test, a smirk graced her freshly painted lips at she starred back at the mirror, brushing a strand of hair back into place, making sure to adapt to Elena’s currently preferred hairstyle, the devil was in the details after all.

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Intending to brush some of the tension away before rested once more. Spreading her brown curls beneath her head gently with her fingers, exhaustion tugging on her lids as she slowly gave in. the covers pulled onto herself, effectively tucking herself in, letting her eyes absorb a last glimpse of the Salvatore then finally allowing her eyes to rest before she sleepily whispered. “Goodnight, Damon.”
It had been a long day with a lot said and done, meaning Katherine had a lot of new information to process and then somehow find ways to benefit from, all of which needed more strength and focus than the doppelganger possessed at that moment.
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Katherine’s brown eyes scanned his features, taking in every crease in his subtle forever-young skin, desperate to read just what thoughts rushed through his mind at this point in time.
Damon’s eyes drifted away from hers and Katherine immediately know something she had previously doubted; her long overdo confession still meant something. It almost made her proud to confirm her speculations, but she was too busy trying to process whatever emotions lay behind a slowly fading mask of indifference that Damon wore around her for so long. The silence grew louder than any anger she expected Damon to show.
Her eyes briefly wondered to his lips, an unfamiliar feeling of what resembled guilt rushed in on the doppelganger as her mind shorty wandered away from the current moment, taking a dive into the sea of possibilities; Just how different everything would have turned out if she had said those exact same words but at the right time. Finally, Damon’s voice came and broke her free from that alternative universe she was beginning to weave through her mind.
Her eyes snapped up, meeting his gaze once more, surprised at how much softer it had become. She stared blankly, failing to find an answer. How would she dare tell him that back then all she cared about was provoking him enough to react violently, maybe even kill precious Elena once and for all. Instead little Gilbert was the one on the receiving end of Damon’s rage. Little did Katherine know, what she said that night would only lead her Damon further into Elena’s arms. None of it mattered at this point though, she reasoned as she remained silent, quietly watched yet another chunk of Damon’s mask be stripped away.
This time breaking the eye contact herself as her gaze drifted lower, starring into nothing until she spoke again or tried to. “It just doesn’t..” She was interrupted, her eyes raced back to him as he gave her the answer she gave up on for the night. Certainly the fact that Katherine was much stronger helped him to keep a realistic act of actually trying to kill her, now, however and after the loss of her immortality along with the rest of her supernatural gifts and talents, she was at his mercy and there he was protecting her and caring for her mortal life, considering all that, it was safe to assume he never really tried to kill her. Well, except for that one time. “well..” She started, finally urging her lips to utter words again as she slowly slid herself further up the bed, hand on his chest for support before she rested her back to the pillow and her head on his shoulder. “at least now you know.” She paused, taking a deep breath. “You didn’t die for nothing, Damon. You died for love and that love was returned.” A smile curved her lips slightly upwards.
She gave it a moment before she spoke again, removing her head from his shoulder and propping it on her hand. “now, excuse me but I gotta to sleep, before I spill anymore than I intended.” Katherine teased.
{ . . . }

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She shortly considered; she could have answered with the usual sarcasm that was to be expected of the brunette, but she wouldn’t dare take his emotions for granted nor ever again lie to an emotionally-bared Damon who she so rarely got to see. Still, his question, although a reflection of her own, caught her slightly off guard. Her eyes scanned his face, reflecting a glimpse of rare care as she confidently declared. “I knew you wouldn’t turn me down.” Her eyebrows rising and falling in a sense of defeat as she found herself giving out the truth without a fight for once, maybe it was the exhaustion speaking or maybe Katherine Pierce was just as emotionally bared in that moment as Damon was. “Believe what you want, Damon. But I know the truth and deep down so do you.” She stated matter of factly, eyes locked on his. “Stefan can always play the ‘I was compelled’ card, but you can’t. I never compelled you, Damon, not once. You saw me for who I am and still loved me.” She paused, letting it sink in before she continued, knowing the words she was about to say were going to be the first ones she regrets in the morning. “I didn’t lie when I said I loved Stefan.. but I loved you too.” Although she’d admitted it before to Stefan, even to Elena but never to Damon directly. She wasn’t expecting much in return as it was a long overdo confession. Katherine even had her doubts about how much this would even matter at this point after such a long time.

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Seconds of silence piled as she waited for the Salvatore to reappear, so much so that it became obvious that her question was the reason. The realization of how she hit a nerve with the question, the right nerve as it seemed, only fed into her ego, almost sure of the answer before she even saw Damon re-entering the room, this time with a shirt to her dismay. “So?” Katherine encouraged the second her eyes met his, clearly running out of patience. Her curiosity fighting against exhaustion as she propped herself up on her elbow, her head on her hand as she laid sideways, desperately trying to remain conscious long enough to hear him out before sleep tugged any harder on her lids.
Upon hearing his request Katherine’s lips pursed together tightly, eyebrows furrowed as she eyed him in annoyance “fine.” She replied as she began to reassume her previous position on the bed, this time turning his back to him before she lowered herself under the covers, attempting to get cozier. As desperate as she was, Katherine wouldn’t dare push too hard, not when all she believed concerning Damon was not yet certain, mainly just speculations brought on by his actions, besides, she wouldn’t complain about finally getting some much deserved sleep especially now with Damon this close to her.
His mere presence brought the doppelganger a feeling of calm and safety she hadn’t known in years, centuries even. She wouldn’t admit it out loud under the most diabolical forms of torture, but she was slowly convinced that she trusted him. A word that meant more to Katherine than any other, the knowing feeling in her depth that Damon not only wouldn’t hurt her himself but would put his life at risk to protect hers, hell, he did die for her once already.
Her head had almost hit the pillow, thoughts slowing down in preparation for the long-awaited rest when Damon spoke. His tone sobering her up like magic, she had not heard his voice with such seriousness in such a long time, no provocation or mockery, it almost brought her back yet again to the night of her return, he just sounded so.. sober. Her head snapped back to face him, seeing as how he was half sat up, she turned her body in his directly, giving him her full attention as he spoke.
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