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Brown eyes turned to his direction, eyebrows furrowed at the speed in which he replied. Although Katherine was already certain of his dislike for the idea, she still didn’t expect his disagreement to come so quick. The doppelganger struggled to hold back a genuine smile at his reaction, her lips pursed tighter suppressing it before she spoke. “I know it sounds dangerous but it can work, Damon.” She stressed, raised eyebrows emphasizing her certainty. If the objective was to snap Katherine out of thoughts and drop the idea completely, it was fair to say it was too late. realizing she wouldn't be able to change his mind on the matter just yet, her gaze drifted to the passenger-side window as she signed deeply.
Her mind was just beginning to weave through a new plan when Damon’s words interrupted. Her eyes snapped back at him, his words commanding her full attention. She blinked a couple times, scoffed even once she made sure she had heard him correctly. Did he just suggest delivering Elena to Klaus? No, that wasn’t just a suggestion; Damon was planning the execution of that plan. Katherine’s eyes searched his handsome features for the slightest clue to his seriousness on the matter.
Pink lips parted but reminded silent as the confirmation to her thoughts swiftly followed once he spoke again, further denying her doubts about whether he meant the words he'd just spoken. “you can’t be serious, Damon.” She exclaimed, as much as she wished to get rid of Elena, she still couldn’t believe Damon was up for it and all she had to do was just suggest it, half jokingly even. “I mean not that I’d mind but do you really think Stefan would let that happen?” the brunette said, explaining her initial shock. “plus, just a day ago, she was in your bed, caressing your pains away before I came in with the cure.” Katherine spat out, not putting any effort into hiding her utter disgust. “and now you want to sign poor Elena’s death sentence yourself?” She scoffed again, trying to process. “what changed?” She asked curiously.

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❀ : ❛ are you really stupid ( enough ) to dare challenge the D E V I L ( herself ) and expect a win? ❜ (( & #followed !! ))

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are you really stupid  enough  to dare challenge the  D E V I L   herself  and

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Katherine’s gaze sharpened, her playful smirk turned into a scoff at Damon’s provocative answer. She wasn’t exactly sure whether it was an innocent taste of her own teasing or a rather clever attempt to see her reaction to the thought of Stefan and Elena together, which wouldn’t be surprising considering the recent turn of events and her confession. In fact, Katherine would be lying if she said she knew the underlying reason of her instant annoyance at the mention; perhaps the younger Salvatore, although not the chosen one, still tugged on the strings of her undead heart or maybe it was just the undeniable distaste of anything Elena, only strengthened by what her human copy had interrupted between her and Damon not too long ago. Regardless, Katerina chose to let the subject die down and not give it much thought. She turned her face away from Damon, pouting playfully at the nerve he must have had to compare Katherine Pierce to Elena even if that wasn’t what’s intended, she simply chose to focus on that for now. “ouch.”
The brunette’s thoughts returned to the mission ahead, the lack of plan keeping her on edge as her mind desperately began weaving through some thoughts. Damon’s voice interrupted the shortly lived silence once they reached the car. Katherine shook her head in disagreement before, opening the door and climbing in, waiting for Damon to follow before she spoke. “we’d be stupid to not expect Klaus to follow or even Stefan to go back. Klaus won Stefan in a deal, Damon. Your life in return for Stefan’s loyalty.” Katherine shared, eyes starring ahead as she continued thinking out loud. “the only way to get Stefan back is therefore, a deal. Get Klaus something he wants more than Stefan.” She stopped, her attention back on Damon, beckoning him to think along. Slowly, a devilish smirk began stretching her lips once the thought crossed her mind. “Klaus doesn’t know that Elena survived the sacrifice.” She started, eyes curiously scanning Damon’s feature for a reaction as she became certain he knew where she’s headed with that thought. “I’m sure sweet, selfless E-lena wouldn’t mind handing herself over to free Stefan.” Her suggestion was clear so was the distaste Katherine added to the pronunciation of her doppelganger’s name. Aware of the many holes her ‘solution’ had, she was rather curious for Damon’s reaction above all else, not to mention, just how fun it’d be to strike Elena out of their life once and for all. Katherine remained silent for a few long seconds as if to let the thought sink in before she spoke again. “or.. we can give him something even better, something he’d chased for 500 years.” She paused. “Me.” She exclaimed, surely she didn’t mean it, she mainly just wanted a reaction out of him but as soon as the words left her lips, the idea grew to become smarter;giving Klaus the illusion of that wasn’t at all a bad idea, if executed correctly,it could work despite the immeasurable danger for all those involved, especially the bait.

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The few seconds where she felt Damon’s breath on her neck only served to heighten her anticipation, her grip on his shoulder grew stronger as she readied herself. The feelings of sharp fangs sinking into her skin only caused Katherine to release a soft moan, eyes shut tightly while her body relaxed into his, giving into him, her hands wandered his back, grabbing onto his shirt in desperation.
Her heartbeats grew faster, breath became heavier as she held onto him, already regretting the moment he’ll inevitably has to pull away. The though of the only thing that could make this better, made the doppelganger moan louder once it crossed her devilish mind; could there have been a more satisfying feeling than to be drained and filled at once, if only he could take her again against that very same wall.
With some effort her hips started meeting his, matching his own rhythm, legs still wrapped around his waist. The concept of time became foreign until the brunette felt his fangs withdraw from her neck, the small puncture wounds slowly disappearing but the effects still lingered as Katherine struggled to regain the steadiness in her breath. Katherine’s eyes met his and her hand instalty went on his cheek, the thumb wiping the trace of her own blood off of his lips before she brought it to her own mouth, it was less than a drop; she’d learned that Damon was rather greedy with her blood, doing his best to savor every drop, regardless, it was exhilarating to taste her own blood on his lips. Licking her own thumb with whatever trace she’d managed to gather as she kept the eye contact. His words resulted in a playful eyeroll as she remembered his promise. “I guess you do keep your promises, don’t you?” she teased back with a smirk just before leading her lips to meet his but they’d never arrive. The sound of the elevator’s doors manually opening quickly got Katherine on her feet and facing the door. “oh thank god, I was starting to get claustrophobic in there!” Katherine exclaimed, an expression of professionally-faked gratitude on her face as she spoke to the two men that got the door to open. “thank you.” she repeated with an uncharacteristic smile, not allowing the men enough time to react once she turned to Damon ever so innocently. “I think it’s best that we leave now, Mason.” She quietly provoked, still expressing her appreciation to the maintenance men until he and Damon were out of their sight and then out of the building.
She sighed deeply at the feeling of the fresh wind tickling her skin, still a little shaken by their last little adventure as she looked to Damon, her signature smirk, gracing her lips. “Same car, Mas-“ She interrupted her question dramatically holding a hand to her mouth. “oops. I’m sorry, my Damon.” Her gaze quickly dipped to his lips before meeting his eyes again. “Don’t worry, I’ll name you Stefan at the next stop.” She added a wink. Provoking him had became a hobby and it was rather addictive at this point.

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The look in those pretty blue eyes wasn't difficult to read, as soon as Katherine gaze met Damon's, she was certain; if the aim was to provoke the Salvatore, she'd hit the bulls-eye. She'd barely had time to react to his words, she had barely even processed them by the time his mouth was on hers. His hand on the back of her neck demanded the closure that Katherine's body craved and she threw her arms around his neck almost reflexively as she returned the kiss, pouring into it the lust that became the motive for her every move recently. Fingers buried into his dark hair, her teeth trapping his bottom lip, the brunette didn't even notice her back was against the wall until Damon's hand was leading hers on her own body, earning a soft moan from the doppelganger.
Damon ripped his lips from hers and she immediately missed taste of him on her tongue.
Instinctively her free hand was at his neck, pulling his face into her neck, desperately for closure. A moan slipped through her parted lips at the squeeze of her breast before she repeated the move herself, certain that Damon's hand above hers would get the challenge behind that second squeeze.
Tightly shut eyes snapped open at the sound of the elevator nearly arriving and she swiftly reached a hand to the side, barely reaching the stop button in time, smirking at her own achievement before returning her attention to Damon. Leaning back against the wall for support, the doppelganger wrapped her legs around his waist tightly, simultaneously grinding her hips into his as she held onto his shoulders, capturing his lips in yet another heated kiss.
She pulled her lips from his shortly after, maintaining the closure as she leaned her forehead against his, eyes staring into his intensely. "Bite me, Damon." She dared him under her breath, giving her invitation mere seconds to sink in before she tilted her head back, revealing more of her porcelain neck to her lover. Now wasn't it the definition of risky to have some poor maintenance guy open the elevator to find Damon fangs-deep into Katherine's neck? Maybe but logic had escaped her mind as soon she read the lust in Damon's eyes at the close of the door moments earlier. With any luck, they might manage to play it off as two newlyweds that can't keep their hands to themselves which at this point wasn't that far from the truth.

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a simple glace and Katherine was able to confirm that the same moral dilemma in her head was taking place in his. She could sense his frustration which didn’t come much as a surprise, considering just how hot and bothered Katherine herself was after that heated moment.
the brunete was still recovering, breath still heavy when she nodded her head in reaction to his decision. She observed him silently for a few more moments, wondering, maybe even wishing, he’d change his mind despite knowing better. Katherine eyed him hungrily, desperately trying to switch back into seriousness, aware that a more logical, calculated Katherine is exactly what the mission ahead required not this, or at least not now.
Katherine fixed her blouse, slid her phone into her pocket and readied herself to leave.
She would have teased him a little more if she hadn’t been certain he’d return it and they’d be back in bed in no time. Seconds from heading out, Damon’s offered hand curved Katherine’s pink lips into a smirk as her gaze went from his hand to his face swiftly, taking whatever chance was offered to admire the blue of his eyes. She placed her hand in his, her eyes fixated on his just as she responded playfully, “Mason.” She could barely hold back a chuckle while she licked her lips suggestively, her hand in his as she basically dragged him out of the room, mainly to avoid whatever reaction he’d have to her provocation becoming physical. Her head tilted to the side in attempt to get her mouth as close to his ear as possible. “any clue on where to start, Mason, honey?” she whispered as they headed to the elevator, not giving him as much as a glance since she was still unsure of his reaction to her choice of name but not much longer as she just couldn't compose herself any longer.
The sly smile she tried to hide with her head low finally on display as she lifted her eyes to meet his, just after she made sure the elevators doors closed, momentarily trapping just the two of them alone inside.

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Katherine returned the kiss, mirroring his passion. A soft muffled whimper once the kiss ended. She didn’t have time to even recover from that kiss before she was flipped around, her back flush with her torso while facing the wall. She released a soft moan of his name as soon as his kisses were planting on her neck, reflexively she leaned her head back against his shoulder, furthering his access, she moved her hips back against his, grinding was her only form of control in the position but again, not even that lasted and after the few words he voiced, the brunette was left touchless and frustrated.
She turned to face him, her expression reflecting just how unamused she was at the entire situation; his latest display of jealousy and dominance had left the doppelganger wanting him, badly and the biggest problem was that he knew it.
breathing heavily as she starred at him, her eyes glimmered with a mixture of lust and frustration. She ran a hand through her curls, brushing them away from her face, it wasn’t rejection but rather Damon teasing her, she reasoned. “something tells me it’s a little too late for that.” Katherine provoked, granting Damon no time to respond, her lips were on his in a nanosecond and her hands roaming his chest and shoulders from underneath the shirt. “we’re probably the worst rescue squad in history.” Katerina mumbled into the kiss, smiling at just how much truth that statement held.
She dipped her face into his neck, getting carried away rather quickly once her lust took over, lips scattering kisses all the way to his collar bone before she suddenly stepped back, chest raising and falling with suppressed desire; the voice of reason had seeming punctured throw the thick veil of desire and Katherine felt the need for a last warning. “if we don’t leave now, Damon. I assure you we wont until the morning.” Katherine informed, unsure herself if her words were meant to be a threat or a promise. Images from last night danced in her line of vision, causing her to smacked herself mentally, realizing just what she might lose with those words, or most likely just delay, but she knew that if they continued the only thing they would be finding is another bed while Stefan’s fangs deep in victims.

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Katherine watched as he slid into the shirt, her attention quickly then drifted to the nearby coffee machine but she was listening, not to mention enjoying the display of jealousy in his words. She smiled to herself in silence, her back to him until she felt him approaching. "That friend is trusted by Klaus, Damon. Well, as much as Klaus is capable of trusting anyway." She corrected herself with an eye roll. "I just don't want to make him an enemy, nor see him dead." Katherine pressed, eyebrows raised emphasizing that last part.
Her lips curved in a smirk, not hiding how satisfactory his reaction has been so far to her pride.
The brunette gasped softly once her back hit the wall, hand on either side of her head, fingers intertwined, she didn't bother to hide how her heart skipped a beat the closer his face came to hers. His jealousy was a turn on, there was no denying that especially after so long of him trying and failing to hide it.
She slipped her hands out of his, instead resting them on his face, her eyes studying him from head to toe, her glance filled with a layer of unquestionable desire. "Gosh, you're hot." As much h as it seemed she was ignoring his reaction, she was plainly distracted, her focus quickly drown in the blue of his eyes as soon as he began lessening the distance between them. Brown eyes fluttered between his lips and eyes. "I know you hate it, Damon. But some of those 'flings' have helped keep me safe so far so as much as I'd love to, I can't leave them at your 'mercy' just yet." She smiled, finding irony in the choice of words, knowing what Damon had ahead for her ex lovers.
Her hands slid down from his face to his neck, over his chest, gliding all the way down his torso before seductively tugging at his belt lightly. Her eyes following her hands all the way down before they snapped back up to meet his, her hands droppingto her sides as she took a deep breath.
"I think we should leave before we get more.. distracted."

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Damon's determination sparked a new hope in Katherine; a vision of an actual future for the two danced before her eyes as she held on to him like a lifeline.
Katherine didn't hold back a small chuckle at his latest confession; although dreams of a moment like this were no stranger to Katherine, she felt she'd been generous enough for the day plus she couldn't have Damon get too cocky on her.
With her arms still wrapped around his neck, Katherine's head tilted to the side slightly as she remembered. "Then I guess I need to break a couple of hearts now." She teased, referring to the many relationships she was currently in out of shared interests and in the name of self-preservation, compulsion doesn't work on vampires, that meant to get someone to look out for her, Katherine had to use her other talents.
"but remember that 'friend' who gave me news about Stefan and Klaus?" Eyebrows raised in a questioning manner before she continued. "Well, he is kind of a special friend too." She admitted, keeping it playful before she reached her hand to stroke Damon's hair softly. "That one we do need to keep for now, he's a leverage." the brunette informed.
Katherine didn't expect much understanding from a man as possessive as Damon but she had a point. The fact that her statements were only going to cause his jealousy to hit the ceiling was just a happy accident for Katherine.
"I'm gonna go get you that shirt." A peak to his lips was the last thing she did before she exited the door, fully aware that she'd barely left Damon enough time to express his many opinions on the matter, knowing that he will do just that once she returned.
Katherine got lucky, having found the two shirts in Damon's size just a few rooms ahead. Not having to break in as she timed her fast entery with the room service was another smart move on her behalf.
She returned less than 10 minutes later, holding the shirts on the hangers. "I'm not sure about you but I've always thought you looked dashing in black." She said holding the darker shirt in front of the dark blue one, flashing Damon a flirtatious smirk.

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The longer he remained silent, the thicker the air got. A lumb had formed in Katherine's throat still her eyes never left his, searching and scanning for answers in every line of his face. Her ears picked up on the racing heartbeat and it assured her of the utter happiness she'd granted Damon with those simple 3 words.
He spoke finally and Katerina swallowed, watching the spark in his blue eyes, she relaxed slightly, her lips forming a faint smile once he continued.
Caught off guard, His lips collided with hers, sharing a kiss that wasn't something Katherine could ever forget; a mixture of bent up desire and passion enough for Katherine to almost melt between his arms. She gave in, kissing him back with just as much emotion as a single kiss could convey.
Once their lips parted, Katherine eyes searched his, her expression didn't hide her surprise to what he said; she couldn't believe that a love so pure and selfless could exist and then last that long, let alone that it was directed towards her after everything she had done.
Realizing She'd been silent for too long, Katherine still knew that she couldn't really form thoughts yet so instead she threw herself into his arms, face nuzzled into his bare chest as she inhaled his scent. Only now realizing the effort she was putting into hiding her feelings, regardlessof whetheror not it worked, it was tiring nonetheless.
"You don't have to, we just need to be careful." She whispered into their embrace. Her arms wrapped around his neck,instinctively maintaining the closure before she pulled back slightly, just enough for her eyes to meet his. The words about to come out of her mouth too unfamiliar even to herself but she could voice her thoughts now, her pride was no longer an issue at least not for the moment where the rest of the world seemingly faded. "I can't have anything happen to you. Cause frankly, Damon, I don't think I can survive losing you."

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Katherine watched as his gaze dropped lower, breaking the eye contact but her eyes stayed on him, desperately trying to read through him.
She tilted her head slightly, eyebrows arched curiously silent as shesensed that there was a continuation to come.
The brunette gulped softly, realizing just how thin her emotional veil had become. "I know Klaus, Damon. You're dead if you're caught, you need me." She reasoned but he questioned her further.
Claiming she was doing this for Stefan was her next card to play but as if he saw right through her, he burned it. His walls were down, he wanted something that he rightfully deserved and Katherine wouldn't dare break him again with the mention of his brother especially after his warning.
It was clear now; Stefan was an overplayed card and Damon could clearly see that.
Lips parted as she readied her defense but he continued, his hand on her cheek almost wiped out any lie she was in the process of weaving.
Her eyes were fixated on his and she took a deep breath. Hands dropping to her sides just as she lowered her own walls mentally. Pink lips parted a second time but her mind was blank. After multiple fails to string a sentence, frustration got the better of Katherine and she blurted out the raw truth, unaware of the weigh her words held for someone who's waited a century and a half to hear them. "Telling you that I love you won't change anything other than putting us both in greater danger, not unless you're willing to spend the rest of eternity on the run with me." The confession only hitting her after she'd said it out loud. A deep breath was inhaled as she allowed the words to sink in."There." Her arms slapped her sides in defeat. "It's only been Stefan till I met you, nothing after it meant anything. I turned him so you wouldn't be alone and the rest is history."After a long silence, she simply added in defeat. "It's always been you, Damon. It just took you a while to see it."

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"Is that a promise Mr. Salvatore?" She asked teasingly in response to the threat to her underwear in the next time.
As she clasped her bra, Katherine felt movement behind, the hands on her shoulder and the gentle kiss to her neck were enough to give in for her; her eyes fluttered shut, hands on top of Damon's as he wrapped his arms around her waist protectively causing her to reflexively lean into his touch with a smile that only widenedat his promising words but it only lasted till Katherine thought of them fully; Damon was promising her more than she ever gave him, he didn't even knew if any of this meant to Katherine what it meant to him and Katherine couldn't help but wonder if the last time he asked left such bad taste in his mouth that he in fear of disappointment and heartbreak refused questioning her again.
She remained wordless after his touch faded, the brunette stood up, watching a now half-dressed Damon searching for missing items of clothes. "I certainly didn't hear you complaining last night." Katherine teased right back, a provocative chuckle following her remark. She took the time to slip her pants, blouse and heels on as she listened.
He hadn't voiced any rejection to her joiningwhich she found calming as she didn't to argue him into accepting it, however there were still many questions on her mind; one nagging her slightly more than the rest, one that's caused purely by Damon's promises. "Damon," she started, taking to steps that led her right in front of him, handing him his belt with a soft smirk before asking. "What makes you think I'll stay around after all of this is over?" Eyes slightly squinted, arms crossed in front of her chest almost defensively as she curiously studied his features for clues.

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So focused on keeping him there, Katherine hadn't even realized how rare that moment was until her head laid on his chest, only relaxing once he finally gave in which left Katherine feeling a certain heaviness fall off her chest as she nuzzled her face into his chest, finding the best position before slowly giving in to sleep, the hand on her back only easing her into it, serving to make her worries go away.
The sun shining over them made Katherine curse under her breath in silence, preparing to get up and cover the windows, she was startled as the realization hit as to where she is.
She remained perfectly still, savoring a moment too precious to pass so quickly. Her eyes began fluttering open as they met Damon's face. A small smile curved her lips and she slowly slid off of him, stretching lightly before she settled on her side, flashing him a smile. "I did actually, you?" She asked as she turned around, sitting up with her back to Damon as she found and put on her bra and panties. "Thanks for keeping those in one piece." The doppelganger playfully teased, hinting at their little night adventure. "Are you sure you want us to leave this hotel so quickly?" She provoked as she turned to lay eyes on him, a suggestive smirk and a tilted head made her suggestion rather obvious.
There she was including herself again; there was simply no way out of it. There was a good chance Damon wouldn't return if he left on his own and she had been forced to confront the fact that this wasn't something she could live with, it never was. "So, where are we going? What's the plan?"

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Brown eyes fluttered open at the sweet touch of his hands at her cheeks, she obliged bringing her face closer to his only to soon have their lips collide in a long intoxicating kiss. Katherine had to hold her breath, not to moan into it reflexively.
Her hands sneaked around his neck, palm on the nape of his neck while her fingers toyed with the strands of jet black hair longingly.
Once the kiss ended, Katherine's gaze scanned his features, a hint of confusion spread on her own; the kiss felt different, it didn't carry the normal lust that it usually held, it was sweeter. Katerina was no stranger to goodbye kisses and this was just one of those, she quickly realized, eyebrows furrowed at the realization which his words quickly confirmed. She had almost forgotten why they were here in the first place.
"No, you shouldn't." Katherine's answer was just as instinctive as the tightening of her hold on him. Noticing just how that came out, she decided to back peddle. "You don't know where they are and you almost died less than 24 hours ago." She claimed, "and we drove all night Damon, you need to rest, we need to rest."
Katherine reminded, not bothering to hide her utter rejection to the idea of him leaving.
Of course, she knew he will have to go soon enough and she knew just how dangerous that was, it was sure safest to watch from the shadows but something about that plan was no longer appealing; mainly how unsafe that plan was for Damon.
She didn't see a way out of it except to stall just long enough to figure out what she'd do, how they could go from there. "I think we should sleep, we'll talk about what we'll do once we wake up." Not waiting for confirmation, getting up and bringing the sheets from the foot of the bed before throwing then over Damon, affecting tucking him in. She crawled underneath them herself. Quickly reassuming her previous position only this time she laid her head on his chest, hoping her physical effect on Damon could convince him not to go.

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fangsandstilettos’s Profile Photokatherine pierce.
..) with herself for revealing as much as she apparently revealed.She remained silent for a moment, the movement of her thumb against his cheek froze. Katerina silently swallowed the lump in her throat. His hand on her back held her in place and she quickly gave up on getting away. "I.. yes, it always did." She broke eye contact, her gaze dipped lower. Almost ashamed for having uttered the unfiltered truth for once. "I told you I loved you, Damon. I wasn't lying when I said that." She reassured him, trying to keep her confession as something that simply happened in the past even when she knew her body was telling a different story.

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Hearing Damon refer to himself as her husband certainly had a ring to it in Katherine's ears. She echoed his chuckle "I wouldn't expect any less of you, Mr Salvatore." The playful remark was followed by a quick peck on his lips. Having been a vampire on the run when she first met the Salvatores, the idea of marriage never crossed her mind but coming to think about it, she was certain it had more than just crossed Damon's mind back then, maybe even after as he waited around to free her from a tomb, she was never in.
Katherine felt him leaning into her touch, it only assured her that he was the same man at heart. She still had him under her spell but what truly worried her was how big of an effect he had on her and how much it had grown in the years where she kept that part of herself buried under layers of self-preservation.
Damon's confession caught her off guards and she blinked repeatedly, frankly questioning whether or not she heard him correctly.
There he was again baring himself before her emotionally just as he'd done physically, trusting her enough to lower his walls leaving Katherine to wonder if it was courage, stupidity or love that led him here again.
Rare were the times where Katherine found herself flustered or speechless and this just happened to be a moment in which she was both. She would have probably pulled her hand from his cheek reflexively, had his hand not been on top of hers. "Damon.." She whispered; in her tone lingered a warning. She knew she should have jumped out of bed, gotten dressed in a physical manifestation of her own walls rising against him, but instead she waa helplessly clinging to him as her body and heart betrayed her.
Her gaze had been locked on his lips. "Yeah? What's that?"Her voice a curious whisper while her hand remained on his cheek, caressing it with uncharacteristic gentleness.
His question shook her away from her trance. She wasn't as much surprised by the boldness of his question as she was disappointed(..)

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Her chest was still heaving as she struggled to catch her breath but she did her best to hide it, his cocky grin had enough pride and she wasn't willing to add even more to that.
His response returned her to reality after she shortly lost herself in thought. A smirk stretched her lips, was he really implying that he wanted to be her best? That meant he was planning to repeat this as much as she was but the idea of more 'practice' with other women didn't earn Katerina's liking. "Then maybe you should practice with the right person." She playfully added, eyebrows shortly raised as her gaze flickering between his eyes and lips.
His hand on her leg demanded the same closure her body so desperately wanted and her mind warned from but she gave in; this was something she needed as much as wanted for such a long time and she figured she wouldn't waste the chance even if her inner struggle became a bit more visible. Thinking about how hours back he could have actually died and none of this would have happened just because she was too careful around the brother, she truly chose. With that thought she moved closer, her leg hung above his hip as he'd requested, and her breasts pressed against his chest. The closure made her heart skip a beat once her gaze landed on his face, searching it for an answer to give. "You are the same. But you're also not. You're stronger, meaner, more confident. I mean I almost believed that you truly hated me until not too long ago. The old Damon wouldn't have pulled off such an act but there's something about you that's still the same, something here." Her fingers laid gently over his heart. "Something that you can't change even though we both know you tried. You care, Damon and that's not as bad as you think it is." She admitted as she placed her hand over his cheek, caressing it with her thumb lightly. "Answer me this." Her eyes were fixated on his. "if you didn't think you were dying, would you have ever told me what you told me?"

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..) stroked her hair but it had been an extremely intimate moment that they shared and she didn't trust herself not to slip up even more."you've gotten better at this." She confessed with her signature smirk curving her lips. "Then again, you haven't really been skipping any practice, have you?" She teased, the tone of jealousy as she mentioned Damon's many sexual escapades perhaps a little to obvious.
Katherine was sure she'd already shown way more of an emotional connection to him than she intended so she laid on her side next to him, fingers dancing on his chest playfully, head supported on her hand. "I have to admit, I like this Damon better than the old one. Maybe you have changed after all."

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Katherine's hands quickly came to top his on her hips, depending on him for support as she expertly rode just a little faster at the moan the escaped his lips, she hadn't realized she had missed Damon calling her name out with so much lust and it only drove her wilder.
She moaned softly into the kiss at the feeling of his hands on her cheeks; the gesture a sweet contrast to the heated scene they were painting.
The kiss broke and she smiled at the sensation of Damon's breath against her neck. A concentrated kiss to her neck, she quickly realized what he was trying to achieve and despite how feeble the attempt is with a vampire, Katherine couldn't help but admire the show of possessiveness that she'd always admired about the elder Salvatore.
After all it was just so Damon of him to try brand her as his own.
She was about to comment on it if she hadn't been distracted by Damon once more, lightly tugging on her lower lip.
His hands sneaked back and lifted her and she gave in immediately; leaning forwards and placing her hands on his chest for balance.
The change of rhythm caught her off guard causing a moan to slip past her lips that was a little louder than she realized but she barely had time to register that with her entire body was quivering as she swang on the edge of ecstacy but it was his sweet release that triggered her own, a wave of pure unfiltered pleasure washed over her, muscles clenching around him as she arched her back and rode it out, generously vocalizing her pleasure.
Damon pulled her down and she gave in without breaking their connection. She laid her head on his chest, still panting, struggling to catch her breath.
The whole scene felt to emotionally charged for her liking and she rose back up, climbing off of him once she'd gathered enough strength to do so even with every inch of her being was begging for skin contact, she'd love nothing more than to lay her head on his chest, let her curls fall in rings on his fingers as he (..)

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Her hold only got tighter on him, silently begging him to stay just this close. The feeling of his fangs buried into her skin as he tasted the same blood that granted him his immortality was beyond exhilarating and Katherine almost whimpered once his fangs withdrew. His face finally came up to meet hers and Katherine’s palms met his cheeks softly caressing with her thumb, mirroring his heavy breath with her own as they tried to recover for a second.
Katherine could still see the familiar crimson shade of red on his lips and she almost captured his lips in a heated kiss but he was too quick getting to his feet. The doppelganger propped up on her elbows, pouting playfully as she watched him shed that last pieces of clothes separating them, hungry brown eyes scanned his body longingly.
It was suddenly cold without his touch but the feeling didn’t last long and she laid back down as he returned to hover atop her, willingly giving in and parting her knees wider, allowing him place and a view she was sure wouldn’t be forgotten anytime soon.
Her eyebrows furrowed slightly at his words before a light chuckle took over her expression, realizing just what promise he was on about. His eyes captured hers and his face lowered, mere inches between their lips and if the closure wasn’t hypnotizing enough, Katherine was sure his eyes did the trick; she’d only realized how her left hand was pinned next to her head on the pillow when her right one followed. “took you long enough.” She provoked, she wouldn’t have time to form the next thought however, when she finally felt him, a sensation she missed more than she'd like to admit.
Her supernatural healing kicking in as her body quickly adapted, her soft moan mixed into his as she shut her eyes allowing herself to explore the feeling on their connection just a little longer before her legs wrapped around his waist. This wasn’t like anything they’d done before; being equals to some degree did change things, maybe even how she felt but above all how her body reacted to him. “I’ll be honest, I didn’t think I’ve missed you that much, Damon.” She admitted under her breath, lifting her head up to whisper right into his ear, teasing even when he had such a position of power over her.
He picked up the pace and Katherine soon met his hips with her own rhythmically, just for a few before she released her hands from his grip with mocking ease, keeping him inside her as she flipped them over. Her palms on his chest for support, Katherine moaned shamelessly at the new depth that came with the change of position, she moved her hips in circles as she rode, making sure he’d get her from every angle, finally leaning down to capture his lips once she felt both their releases approaching.

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Katherine watched as her companion struggled to keep his eyes on hers, her naked form drove him wild and seeing that reaction from him only magnified her hunger.
She almost dared say she ached for him, not that she'd ever confess to such a thing. She took his challenging words in but barely had time to act on her next motives when Damon's whisper against her lips immobilized her. She truly wanted him to carry on with that threat, she wanted him to taste her, now as a vampire he would enjoy this on levels that he'd never dream of reaching as a human. She'd even fantasized about it a couple of times before their reunion which not even compulsion would make her admit to.
By the time the brunette was on her back again, she'd almost forgotten that Damon still had his pants on which would have angered her, had she not been too distracted with piercing blue eyes scanning her body and trapping her gaze.
Her heart skipped a beat, goosebumps visible on her skin as she realized what was coming, she lifted her head, tilting it to the side to allow him as much access as he needed.
Eyes closed in anticipation, finger nails digging into his bare back as soon as she felt his razor sharp fangs penetrate her skin.
A wave of pleasure-enveloped pain washed over her as her hands went lower, fingers hooked to his pants, dragging them down along with his boxers just as much as she could without interrupting Damon's feast. If he'd carry on just a little longer Katherine thought, he'd probable get her on cloud 9 with his pants half way on, now that would be a brag Katherine would never let the cocky Salvatore have on her, one thing that she would let him have though was a moan, a lustful moan of his name that she couldn’t really suppress much longer.

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Katerina thrived in the fact that she hadn't lost her touch, her effect on him, she studied his features, his heartbeat and every other uncontrollable sign of utter devotion that he failed to hide.
Katherine's lips gave a chuckle against his own once she felt his hands trail down her back then giving her a light squeeze. She was swiftly stripped of her shirt and in the tangled mess that they became, she felt the soft mattress beneath her back with Damon hovering on top of her. A moment flashed of the last time he had taken this position on top of her for other reasons than violence. Her fingers gripped at the nape of his neck as she tugged him down, longing for closure.
A smirk dragged the corners of her pink lips upwards; knowing what she knew, Damon's hand on her neck did nothing more than arouse her further. she was aware he knew his threats meant very little after all that took place earlier and she only found that even more amusing.
Even with the choke hold on her neck, Katherine made no move but relax her arms on each side of her head, fully giving herself over, simultaneously daring him to carry on whatever threats and promises he gave. "Are you sure that's what you're mad at and not that confession of eternal love you gave me on your deathbed?" Katherine teased with raised eyebrows.
His head dipped lower and she could feel him lowering her jeans and panties in one swoosh, just in the time she took to rid herself of the black lacy bra trapping her breasts; she was sure Damon would appreciate this contribution once he lifted his eyes to meet hers. Katherine decided not to wait though, she was quick flipping their position, holding his hands on either side of his head with just enough strength to make his release challenging; a favorite move of hers back when he was still human. "I'm sure I can earn your forgiveness though." Katherine provoked with a smirk, slowly lowering her head to plant soft, open-mouthed kissed along his neck, collarbone and shoulders then traced her kisses backwards all the way to his neck, hovering over there, tightly holding onto whatever self restraint she still had while dark veins pumped just under her eyes, she couldn’t but give in, just a little nip at his skin just hard enough to draw a thick drop of crimson blood that she quickly lapped with her tongue, attempting to savor the taste appreciatively. She let go of his hands. Coming back up to meet his gaze in all of her naked glory “I'm sorry, I couldn’t resist, you're just too tasty.” She playfully apologized, she knew it wasn’t that fair since he hadn’t gotten to taste her yet but she couldn’t help her hunger for him, a hunger that needs to be satisfied in more than one way.

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Katherine moaned her approval into their kiss; whether it was a promise or a warning, Katherine was nonverbally challenging Damon to keep it. His hand around her waist pulled her impossibly close to him and soon enough she gave into his other hand hooking her leg to his hip. The new position allowing her to feel just how much his body ached for her and once her layers of clothing would be shed, Katherine was sure Damon would admire seeing the same physical signs of desire on her.
His wet kisses across her neck left a tingling sensation on her skin and she quickly gave in, reflexively tilting her head back to allow him more access “see, isn’t this so much more fun than trying to kill me?” She teased, eyes still closed as she hinted at all their failed attempts at ending the doppelganger’s life, not to mention the times Damon rejected her advances. The kisses were quickly gone when he pulling her into yet another bruising kiss. His moves were erratic; it felt like he wanted to touch her everywhere at once and Katherine couldn’t help but welcome his excitement by showing some of her own.
It wouldn’t be Katherine if she’d just allow him control of their heated moment; Forcing his back to collide with the opposite wall, Katherine wasted no time as buttons of his now ripped open shirt began flying, freeing his torso for her hands to roam his chest hungrily.
Her eyes admired what she’d just revealed before her gaze met his again but his lips were too inviting; One hand remained on his chest while the other got lost in the darkness of his hair, pulling him in for another kiss, one of pure sexual starvation.
She didn't waste precious moment releasing herself of her clothes, certain that Damon could do that job better than her on any given day.
The doppelganger was lost in him, his taste, his touch, a spark was an underestimating word to what was burning between the two; it was a fire of suppressed needs, exploding between two reckless vampires with a long past.
It was beyond fun exploring just how far she could go with him, even as a human, his limited strength never stopped the Salvatore from fighting her for dominance and sometimes she'd let him win but now they were more or less equals and with everything she'd seen so far, she wouldn't be that surprised if he won dominance over her fairly. Her balms dragged lower on his torso, moving over his abdomen before one of her hands began rubbing him through the fabric of his pants, the other expertly working on ridding him of his belt.

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Katherine watched him intently as his eyes roamed the room, she had begun to wonder if he had heard her at all until he spoke, proving that he was indeed listening. Brown eyes narrowed as he started, curiously tilting her head to the side anticipating the continuation.
It barely took her a second to understand exactly what he was hinting at, chuckling softly in response, eyes snapping to meet his as a seductive smirk stretched her lips.
He was stepping closer to her, leaning in, and she struggled to not immediately capture his lips in a bruising kiss. He continued talking and Katherine's smirk faded as she stepped backwards led by his steps until she gasped softly at the cold wall hitting her back.
Her hands reflexively found place on his firm chest. Her lower lip caught between her teeth without her even noticing. Her heart skipped a beat and because of the closure she was sure Damon had noticed.
His last words, a mixture between a warning and a promise, left the doppelganger with a lump in her throat. She tried to think but she was trapped, physically, mentally and even emotionally trapped.
Her eyes got lost in his shortly before she slowly dragged her gaze across his features and down to his lips, licking hers almost reflexively at the mere thought of tasting him again. Her hand on his chest slowly moved up and wrapped around his neck, pulling him closer till his body pressed flush against hers. "I'm not sure that's a good idea, Damon." She started, playful but intentionally making it sound like a rejection even as her body instinctively clung to his.
With her hand around his neck, fingners buried in his dark locks at the nape of his neck. "Considering what we just told the reception, I might have to scream another name." She smirked proudly, devilishly. This was teasing at it's finest; she wanted so badly to push him off the edge, probably just as badly as he wanted to push her, and she was certain the mere thought of Katherine screaming her ex lover's name while Damon ravished her would be beyond enough. She didn't care if he'd rip into her neck in a second, she was just done waiting, she wanted him, or at least that's what die convinced herself of, later reality would dawn on her that it was no longer wanting him; rather a need for Damon that she absolutely refused to admit. Damon's possessiveness had always aroused her and she couldn't help but want to feel more, she'd been too reckless to even notice how she had begun rubbing against him slightly.

With only a few centimeters between their lips, Katherine was holding on by the finest strands of her will but not even that was enough when before she knew it, her lips collided with his, releasing that bent up desire she'd been suppressing since the first drop of his blood hit her taste buds, hands messily caressing his chest, back, hair, desperately to feel more; she'd later deal with the consequences,maybe try convince him it was nothing beyond a way to fill the time.

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Katherine was almost disappointed that she got no reaction to her latest method of provocation but sensing his annoyance was victory enough and she took it with a devilish smirk.
Damon was soon reaching for her hand and consequently agreeing to act his part in their little play.
Holding hands, fingers intertwined, Katherine couldn't help but think how little she minded if this was more than a cover. Her gaze lingered on their hands until Damon spoke, addressing the receptionist. Hearing him actually use her ex lover's name was hilarious to hear and she could barely suppress a chuckle; getting on Damon's last nerve had became a hobby of hers ever since her return, activated his jealousy was another one so combining the two was naturally entertaining. She couldn't help think about whether Damon wondered about her and Mason, about how truthfulness of her feelings towards him.
Thoughts were interrupted when thewoman at the desk quickly gave them a key with no further questions, wishing them a happy stay and a great honeymoon to which she received an out of character cheerfulthanks from Katherine.
On the elevator ride with some strangers, Katherine wrapped his arm around her shoulder before raising his hand to her lips, softly planting soft kissed to his knuckles; maybe she did it to continue the show, maybe just to toy with him further or maybe it felt natural,to her it didn't matter as long as he didn't know the reason.
Arriving to the room, she slipped her hand out of Damon's, closing the door behind. "There's a hospital near by, I'll go pick us up a few bloodbags. We need to lay low while we're here, we already left a body behind. That can't happen again." Katherine warned, reminding him of their little hunt and accidently reminding herself of all that happened after it.
"I got us here. Told you exactly where they'd be but it's you who needs to do the saving. I'm already too close to Klaus and getting caught again isn't exactlyon my agenda."

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