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Ohh so AP are like GCSE's? how many do u take? we take around 10 GCSE's but only choose 4 of them

10?? Around my area, the school recommends 3 unless you know you can handle more (pretty much if you want to take more, you can). Nobody takes more than 6, I would say, since most people only have 7 classes max and having all of them as 7 would mean you won't be sleeping or eating that entire year xD

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Is that an app?
I saw once that Paint Tool Sai could be downloaded from the same website, but since nobody talked about it much, I'm guessing that it was a scam so nobody bothered. Maybe it's the same case here.
In any case though, I wouldn't download it because it is so easy to add a virus into these sorts of files.

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