Ask @farah_123:

Ohh gosh *_* Ur dp is avjhadxbkajdbcjk awesome Love youu :*

thank yoi hyttt

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Thank youuu ❤️❤️

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Wltkb : yes hbb sure x

Same here hbb:*

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Tbh: Cute❤️

Thanks :*

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Thank you :$

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tbh: idk you but you seem nice and pretty<3

Diana Shatila
Thank you ❤️❤️

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like=wltkyb naaaa maybe idk wait ente farah jomaa? OMG YES YES AKID YES IM UR BIGGEST FAN

Anas Alturaihi
Hahahaha hyttt I love you ❤️❤️

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Yehya Sraj
same here xx

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Tbh pretty and cute i would like to know u better xx

Thank you hbb :* and same here xx

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hahah ahhhh halla2 ma bdkk eh hha no no kazebe inte :( u hipine ma fike t3mle hk fiye 7aram ana mahk?

αнмα∂∂ ωαzиєн
Keef 3rfttt hahahaha ehh akeed ma feene :$

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wltkb= mmmm bade fkll s3bee shwyy jewib halla2 :( rou2e la de2 la baye w is2alo brj3 b2lk :'(

αнмα∂∂ ωαzиєн
akeed be ool eh bayak be 7bne Howe :$ w asln Ana ma badde

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Like = 10 likes first 3?


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wltkb= sure hbb xx

Same here hbb :*

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tbh : cutee pic:*


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Followed x♥

Thanks and followedback

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pap ente w mehyo ;)

batal hebbik khls : we r over :(

No bas Ana bhebbak :(

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saba7ooo kifk ya 7ilo :p

αнмα∂∂ ωαzиєн
Hahah hey hbb

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i wasss hereeee♥ Reinaaa forever:$