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If U were offered 875 million to sell a family member, wyd😭😂

as long as i get to choose which one lmfao

What is something small that brings you joy?

seeing my family, trying new foods, playing my video games, traveling to different places, my cat, my friends…

If you could get free tickets to any concert, sporting event, or any other kind of event of your choice what would you choose?

tickets to the weeknd’s concert would be nice

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My husband cheats and is still with me. 😂

that’s sad. you should be asking yourself why you’re still with him…

Would you accept someone back into your life if they ghosted you for months and then decided to make an appearance again and their excuse for ghosting you was them being “too busy”?

no. if you can go that long without me, go forever. doesn’t bother me.

Have you ever been polite to someone when you felt like banging their head onto a wall?

yeah it’s called working in retail

Do you like pumpkin spice? 🤔 shit sucks tbh

i do but can only have it a few times until i get sick of it. that’s why i’m glad it’s seasonal.


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