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Salam. I was wondering, if a person has a medical problem that causes excessive gas, and they can't control it during salat, do they need to stop and wudhu each time and start over?

Salaam. They don’t have to do it over and over. Once before Salat is fine.

Idk if I feel worse for my mom or my dad when it comes to finding a rishta. My mom gets infatuated with the boy and acts like she wants to adopt him and and my dad just looks so sad...

I'm sorry to hear that. May Allah resolve all your difficulties. Ameen.
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A man over the age of 24 with a job. I feel like I'm waiting for a unicorn to come crashing through my ceiling. Be honest murrabi sahib, do you know even one such guy?

I'm not sure what you are asking. Can you explain your question please?
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when people recite ashadu before a speech, what is the translation of this? and why do we recite this before speeches?

We recite it before speeches because it was the practice of the Holy Prophet (sa).
It's called tashahud. It's written below in roman english and translation:
ash-hadu allä iläha illallähu
I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship save Allah.
wa ash-hadu anna muhammadan ‘abduhü wa rasüluh
And I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and His apostle.
amma-ba'do fa-
After this
a‘üdhu billähi minash-shaitänir-rajïm.
I seek refuge with Allah from Satan, the accursed.
In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful.

My brother suffers from depression, anxiety & he's alone in another city. Being alone there's no one to push him out of his demotivation. Knowing that I can't directly help him stresses me out. Please suggest me some prayer, something, anything that could miraculously get him back to life & happines

He should seek professional help. If a person is truly suffering from anxiety and depression, he cannot be pushed out of it. I'm not saying that family support does not help. It definitely helps. But if he cannot come to you or you cannot go to him, it is better he gets professional advice on what to do.

do you know anywhere in the jamaat where we have islamic books on psychology or just writings that expand on different psychological concepts or issues related to the human pysche? like did hazrat musleh maud (ra) ever talk about this?

To some extent, he has talked about it in "Way of the Seekers". It is available on alislam.
In his Urdu books, he has highlighted this in his book, IRFAANE ILAAHI. This book is not translated into English yet.
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Why do ahmadi mosques not have a mimbar?

The Mosque of the Holy Prophet (sa) had a very simple mimbar (pulpit). The Jama'at follows this practice by putting a small podium. The way certain Mosques today have huge mimbars where the Imam is standing at a great height is not the way the Holy Prophet (sa) did it.

As for a husband not being required to do the same, I have not come across a saying that a husbands needs his wifes permission to fast. 2/2

It's not about double standards. It's about gender roles. Men and women have different positions when it comes to their roles in a marriage. In the case of the wife/mother, it is stated that she should get priority by her children in terms of kind treatment. Remember that Hadith? According to that Hadith, the individual asked the Holy Prophet (sa) three times who should get the best treatment from him. The reply was: Your mother. It was only when he asked the question the fourth time that he got the response: Your father. Is this a double standard? Of course not. This is based on the kinds of pains that a mother undertakes in order to provide for her children. A father does not do the same.
In the same way, a wife should take permission from her husband to fast while the husband is told in the Quran: Be kind/compassionate to your wife. Hence, it does not mean that he should exercise a dictatorial relationship with his wife. It simply means he should be asked first as during a fast, his wife cannot attend to some of his needs in the same way she would be able to if she were not fasting.

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AOA, what are the origins of the concept of joining different namaaz (ex. Maghrib-Isha)? What were the specific guidelines originally taught as to when we are allowed to join?

WA. It comes to us from the Holy Prophet (sa). He has given guidelines for this. There is a book called "Salat" on alislam.org that discusses such matters related to Salat.

I will soon be married and was wondering how to talk to future wife about sex. parents never talk to you about this So how would I go about talking to my fiancee about it. Our only communication is through the phone and we won't physically see each other until a out 5 to 10 days before the shaadi

This kind of talk will be difficult. Even if your parents had talked to you about it, it would still be difficult, in my opinion. I guess you can start with expectations. You can talk about expectations in general and then in relation to intimacy. You don't have to start with the tough questions. You can ease up to it through related questions. Also, remember, that this is not something you can really truly talk about; as in know all the details. It's a process that naturally develops. So allow it to develop. You will be fine, Insha Allah.
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I'll have to deal with his and my family doubling thier control over me and my life choices (and the future of any children we have). Is it wrong to keep waiting for someone that meets the bare minimum or should I just give in to relationship where I'm not emotionally equipped to handle every1

It is your decision. Your parents cannot force you into a marriage. If you think that marriage to your cousin will lead to these problems and are not comfortable with the marriage, you have the right to refuse.

As an ahmadi girl, am I supposed to marry the first guy I see or do I have the right to wait for someone that can provide for me (socially, emotionally, not just monetarily). My parents have been hounding me to marry my cousin. Even if I drop all expectations, I know I'll have to deal with


I sin so much, and am very terrible person. I want to have full faith but can I have full faith and trust that I will pass my exam. I just think he won’t even listen to me cuz I’m commit sins. Any point in me trusting that Allah got me for this exam. It’s an unfair exam and relies on luck.

You can still pray for your exam. Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. So, ask forgiveness for your sins and make a concerted effort to lead a sin-free life. Make it a daily habit to seek forgiveness for your sins. Offer Nawafil (voluntary) prayers. Give some Sadaqah.

Regarding lashes for adultery, theoretically if done in Ahmadiyya muslim community, where is it done and by who? At Mosque grounds? Conducted by Sadr or someone else?

It's a punishment for an Islamic state to consider. Not a Sadr or on Mosque grounds. And these 'lashes' are not what you think them to be.

ok so we only to recite the first 10 verse of surah al-kahf on fridays as per the hadith you just shared?


i forgot to read zuhr and asr and it's isha time. Do i have to read zuhr asr first then magrib isha? do i read zuhr asr together or separate when making up for it? or do i read the missed namaaz the next day?

You will offer Zuhr/Asr first and then maghrib Ishaa. The order of the prayers is given to us by Allah so we cannot change it ourselves. If you don't recall the missed prayers and go to bed, you can offer them on the next day.
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2/2 feel like my heart is spiritual disease and I feel like I’m not getting quite there to the level of spirituality I want to be at

Spiritual progress is a slow, gradual progress. In fact, most kinds of progress in life are slow and gradual. Take your time. Develop habits. Don't worry about results on day one. Take it slow and easy. You will get there Insha Allah.

AA I listen to catholic radio show and they talk a lot about prayer acceptance as well, praying to Jesus and/or Mary and listeners call in saying how prayers were answered. Do we really believe God answers their prayers made out ‘in Jesus’ name? Or is it just their imagination of acceptance ?

Wa 'Alaikum As-Salaam. There is no reason for us to speculate about that. Allah is Gracious which means that He cares for all of His Creation. Praying to any other diety is shirk and wrong. That we know for sure. Whether or not Allah is answering any prayers done by people of other faiths is up to Him. We do not need to interfere in that.

Why should we recite the first and ten last verse of surah al-kahf on fridays? Who said to do this?

The Holy Prophet (sa) said it. See the answer below.
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