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What’s something you never leave home without?

When I’m heading to the track for daily walk
1) My phone
2) My water bottle
When I’m going elsewhere
1) the above two
2) sanitiser( hand and surface sanitisers)
3) any facial mist/ rose water
4) perfume and body spray
5) lipsticks ( a handful)
6) Sunnyplasts/ panadol, safety pins, bobby pins, clips, ponies, tissues, vipes
7) a pen and a notepad
8) battery bank and AirPods
9) wallet
10) handwritten notes by me for me.
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Rozays are getting tougher. I drink sh*** load of water n my belly is like close to explode like daily lol

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1) Have chia seeds and lemon water in sehri. This way you’d be full and you’d stay hydrated because the chia seeds absorb water and give you hours of hydration.
2) don’t have tea or coffee in sehri as it’s diuretic and will make you thirsty.
3) try to not have eggs in sehri but any other source of protein like keema or kebab.
4) have 1 glass of water every hour after aftaari and this way you’ll get enough water intake before sehri and you won’t have to drink shut loads of water.
5) have patience. Isi ka to sawaab milna hai.

Guys report @reejah_j she is a fucking abusive bohat gndi gaaliya derhi sbko kyu ky ye PMLN ki supporter hy aur hm PTI ky. Apne standards thore high kar nalaiq larki

hayasajid’s Profile PhotoHayaaaa.
First of all I cannot find this username on ask. Second of all, stop spreading hate. Please. It’s Ramadhan and we should spend our energy doing positive things and good deeds. Third of all, Even if she is a pmln supporter and even if she has done something that made you so furious that you’re insulting her in front of the whole world. Have some shame! and before bringing politics into all this please understand nobody can question anyones freedom of choosing whichever party they support. It’s called freedom of choice. I myself would’ve ridiculed a person who has done something below the belt but not publicly specially on ask where people are dying to get attention.


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