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What if people are making fun of your feelings? I was in a relationship, and that man was not brave enough to stand for this relationship. But he is also not giving up. This behaviour is causing serious damage to my mental health. What should I do?

U need to back off.. the longer you stay in this, the more you are blocking your blessings and making things difficult for yourself and your loved ones!

What qualities a partner should have to be considered ideal ?

1. Prioritises you
2. Good hygiene
3. Expressive
4. Calm
5. Understands you (knows u better than you yourself)
6. Takes care of the minor details
7. Treats you like a queen ( e.g; long good morning notes/ hand written notes/ goes out of the way to make u feel special/ puts in extra effort to make u smile/ plans dates for you/ u guys discuss and plan everything together even those lil shopping dates to those extra out of the city dinner dates)
8. Always just there for you (a single text or call away/ comes to see u more often/ distance and miles don't matter when it's you)
9. Is enough for you ( u don't need anyone or anything else to rely on. u are assured that he is there for u )
#might sound unreal, but it's not impossible 🤷‍♀️🙂

how to deal with anxiety??

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●Take deep breaths ( breath in. Pause. breath out)
●Talk to a friend
●Seek help (try to get reassurance from a closed one, which could be your mother sibling or a friend)
●Pray/ meditate (have faith in Allah)
●Write down somewhere (journaling helps alot)
●Try catching fresh air/ walk outside (park or whatever suits u)

How to move on from the cringe memories that haunt me daily

Just make peace with them. They exist. U can't remove them. But what u can do is
● distract yourself...
● spend time with your family and
● if u have any kids in family, that is a plus..
● read good books or watch something that helps you detach and heal
Here are some recommendations you can look according to your taste ( queen, munna bhai mbbs, jab we met, 3 idiots, dear zindgi
Four more shots please, made in heaven)
Hope it helps! ❤️

I have wasted seven years on one person, still I’m not appreciated, i never started a fight, it is always her, even i waited for like straight 2 years for her, now I’m just tired i love her by her soul i only lover her, never talked to another, but i guess naseeb ki baat hai, do pray for my peace

May you get peace and May it gets easier soon.. Ameen 💔

So i asked a question me marrying a 40 year old when i am just 25. And wow for shit replies i got. Its an arrangr marriagr and my parents found him for me. Thanku for making me feel more anxious than i was before

All that matters is if the guy loves you.. is there for you.. you feel like he is enough for you.. Atleast if he tries to make things work out.. we all are pieces of not so perfect things which make sense when joined with the right one.. logo ka to kam h kehna kuch to log kahyn gy.. logo ko kehny do.. don't give them the authority to judge.. If you are willing to find the best in your relationship, that is all that matters. It's your relationship you guys need to put in the effort that is missing (if any). People don't matter. You guys matter.. Age is just a number.


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