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Omer Khayam Bangash
God. You ever wonder about how you're not with the kind of people you should be with and it's mostly because you have never had the chance to interact with them properly , most of your friends are from your school, university, workplace and they're good friends but they aren't exactly your kind of people. You know your kind of people exist but then you're you and your dumb ass will never try to approach someone on the internet because that'll make you appear needy or you might get a shut up call from the other end and that's well, hell NO and if someone approaches you to see if you two vibe it's mostly because well, tharak so you're reluctant to put in effort even though it might not be tharak and most of the people that approach you on the internet are of the opposite gender, you're getting me right? so what now?

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Life These Days....? 🌌

Why do you tell that one person everything? Does he really care or does he just act like he cares?when you tell him your problems does he try his level best to solve those problems or does he just tell you that It'll be okay and gets back to doing what he was doing? Why are you being vulnerable in front of someone? Don't tell me it's all for nothing. Don't tell me that you're just a story telling clown.

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