Why talking about periods is a crime in our society :/

Jab Allah na is baat ka pardah rakha hai Mard or aurat ka darmiyan then just tell me HUM HOTAY KON HAN IS BAAT KO PUBLICALY DISCUSS KER KE CONFIDENCE GAIN KERNAY KA DAWA KERNAY WALAY ?
Girl and Boys need to understand that some factors need to be in limits.. There is no OPEN MINDEDNESS in discussing Menstrual cycle...
Have some sense of maturity
(to every second person who isnt ashamed to discuss this... Plz grow up)
Kal ko apni awlad ko clubs bhajna ma bhi sharam mehsos nai karanga qk so called "BROAD-MINDEDNESS"
Muhammad Ali also answered this question with: "because it is unethical."