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Likers get views on their account: 1.I love ur account😍 2.Ur account makes me smile😄 3.Good effort👏 4.I stalk ur account😜 5.Not really my thing😑 6.Not bad 7.One of my fav accounts😘 8.Need some work😐 9.U deserve more likes👍 10.Perfect👑 11.Why r u even here?😡 12.We share the same thoughts✌

Which quality in a man do you dislike the most?

Chaudhary Abdullah
I don't think so that every men are same .
One day he will break ur trust . when he will find new and better than u , he will definitely go for that and can easily leave u at any time , any place any stage.
TBH I don't trust any man now .
They do what they feel better for them not realizing that anyone else cares for him more . Not even reminding the old days u have with them . I'm really disheartened by this attitude .

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